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    Improve January lambing %

    Been in a very similar situation to yourself. Did have flock of mostly Suffolk/Texel x's with a few others but have gone more down the Suffolk x Mule breed over the last few years and seen my % increase as a result. As Neilo says it's probably the Texel/Lleyn that aren't quite ready at that time...
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    Express Calf Dehorner

    Any others use the pistol type Express gas dehorner? We do about 80 calves a year but am already on the 4th if not 5th head and seem to get through them even quicker these days. Am I doing something wrong? I usually just fire it up and once hot, dehorn the calves but now after I do about 4...
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Some over £200 in the report therefore probably a few farmers buying ram/ewe lambs out of them.
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    Sheep Abortion Vaccine

    Had an abortion storm a couple of years ago therefore I've vaccinated all the ewes and have done the replacements for this year. Since then I've been offered the chance to take on some extra grazing which means I need to buy more sheep if I take it on. Don't really want to let the land go as...
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    Lambing in August

    Had a Ch ewe that lambed yesterday. Lost her lamb but decided to keep her as she was under withdrawal at the time. Took a couple of them to some rough grazing and noticed a small welsh 25/30kg lamb in there a few weeks later. Must have been big enough to do the job anyway!
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    Carmarthen Mart

    I heard that he was having backhanders off dealers for putting different (lower) prices on the clerking paperwork to what they were knocked down for but don't know how true that is.
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    welsh farm business grant

    You get the figure they have quoted in the document no matter what you pay for the item(s) as long as the item matches the description. If you pay less you gain, pay more, you lose!
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    Sheep scales shock absorbers

    I have an IAE manual lamb scales. The clock has packed in last week. What's my best option moving forward? Need to be able to move the scales from one location to another (preferably without any hassle). I don't have big numbers so don't want to spend too much on it.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Dunbia Llanybydder are £4.35/Kg for lambs week commencing 17/6. Organic £5/kg smalls £4.50/kg
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    weighing equipment

    Roughly what would it cost to convert an IAE dial scales to electronic?
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    Very early or very late?!

    Had one born last year about this time, sold in early March for £110 after no cake/meds etc. Wish i had a few 100 of them each year! the hardest thing would be to find a breed that would be in season at the right time. Dorsets and a few others might work though. You'd need plenty of grass later...
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    Sponging ewe still Feeding lambs?

    I have a Beltex x Welsh Mule yearling that only lambed late June and has just been tupped last week whilst the lamb is still on her. Had a Texel last year that lambed in October having been served by some ram lambs. Wouldn't like to say either way with your ewe. Think it's all luck!!
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    Teaser ram timing

    Mostly suff x. With a few other mongrels mixed in!
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    Teaser ram timing

    Do you think putting them I'm for an extra cycle would work if I wanted to lamb mid January. (Thinking ahead to next year as it's too late now!)
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    Teaser ram timing

    Ideally lamb them early and over a short period. They would usually start at the same time but want to hit the peak sooner!