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    PA1 & PA6 Handheld sprayer Qualification

    If you do the training course you won’t need to read up before - not complicated, but quite a bit needed to pass. As above, despite using a knapsack for years I found it useful
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    Modern Tech and the inherent profitability of dealer only access to tech.

    My point was that it would be good if the ag manufacturers would follow the lead of car manufacturers (although I believe they were compelled to do it by EU regulations)
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    Modern Tech and the inherent profitability of dealer only access to tech.

    We need the rules changing to mirror the motor trade, where generic software is available to anyone - at a price - to repair all vehicles
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    Just How Much £££ Would You Need To Plant Arable Land With Trees?

    Currently commercial forestry land is iht exempt - but will the iht rules continue for any ag land? The big city money land investors will probably finish it for all of us
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    16 Year old Tractor driver stopped by Police

    The lad was lucky - just shows that the police don't have much idea about ag vehicles on the road - if he had a number plate and a net on the load he wouldn't have been pulled at all. It was probably not agricultural soil - so he could have been done for red diesel, no operators licence...
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    Tow Bar Electrics

    Our Isuzu Trooper has something similar to turn off the rear fog with a trailer on (as mentioned above) - only found it when trying to get the fogs working for an mot test...
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    Workshop tools

    Although there are some genuine bargains, I would worry about buying stolen stuff
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    Second hand forklift

    The answer is a Toyota diesel - the cockroach of the handling world...... (After a nuclear war it has been suggested that the cockroach would be the only surviving life)
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    Best brand of chainsaw to buy

    Husqvarna or Stihl, depending on your local dealer. Both good, loads of threads on both. Google them.
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    Spreading Fibrophos

    JSE of Ancaster supply and spread for us - 12m bouts, with a windshield on the spreader. Needs to be reasonably still.
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    Reliable and 'cheap' telehandlers?

    Agree about the parts - have been running Sanderson telehandlers for some years - most things are still available, as they were largely built from the parts bins of other manufacturers. I believe Matbro were similar. (Except the Speedshift gearbox - that would be a problem!)
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    Land prices

    I would agree - it would be a brave man who bought land to farm (and repay from profits) in the current climate. Which leaves the other classes of buyer, to whom location is often a very important factor - we may may end up with a market of extremes, with purely agricultural land in...
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    Land prices

    Land price has not been sustainable for farm businesses for several decades, so no change there. Land bought by farmers is generally funded by rollover, external funds or accumulated profit from an existing farm.
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    Inside The JCB factory BBC 2

    Greg Wallace is irritating, but some of these programmes are really good, despite him! They have the usual problem of trying to balance ‘entertain ‘ with ‘inform’.
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    Can farmers relax or is it just me?

    2 or 3 hours pottering in the workshop doing non~essential but interesting /useful little jobs is enough to settle me for the rest of the day. (Mended a dead strimmer yesterday, looking at a bucket with a worn out cutting edge today) Never have a problem relaxing on holiday - have always tried...