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    JCB 4220

    Sound advice, coming from Experience by the sound of It?
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    Next years shoot

    I am paying deposits for days as normal, getting sent loads of dates still
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    Storm ciara

    You missed the meter Southland got then?
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    Drift punches

    Recommend the falcom punches. 10,12,14,16mm set do well for £70 👍
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    Spanners for Hydraulics.

    36, 27, 22, 24 and 19 should cover most jobs
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    Fendt engine problem

    Would be a hell of a laptop. It was a 4 man job to get the bonnet off a 215R last week :ROFLMAO:
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    Fendt engine problem

    Do you not just plug in the laptop now to check compression? I know modern jd’s are like now. Whatever it is, it is going to need stripping down to investigate. Could it have dropped a valve, blowing pressure back past the rings?
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    VW Golf engine problems

    The metal will only have come form the lift pump in the bottom of the tank. It is common for these to ware out/fail. The last one I changed on a Audi was only about £150. I would find a reliable independent garage and ask them to do the work
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    McCormick Mc115

    Alternator would be my first guess, think we had a mc150 do it many moons ago
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Leaf blower is better than I expected it to be, blows shed floors out easily. Will drain a battery in a hurry though!
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    How Cool Is Your Cab?

    Think the best air con I ever had the pleasure of was a old 8770 (W reg), New Holland’s of that vintage had very good air con. Even a Ts115 I drove around the time had top notch air con. then I got on a Tsa and it all went down hill, was torture turning the same 100a of hay every day for a week :(
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    JCB Speed Record

    How fast was the record set by valtra not that long ago?
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    Black bean aphids would you spray

    How many plants per m2 are colonised with black been aphids? They often look worse than they are
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    Larsen Trap design

    It is easy enough to fabricate a perch and to fit a fastener to the call bird compartment. As said above, these traps are deadly with crows And magpies. My only advise would be to get the larger (higher) trap than the one in the link. It is more expensive but has more space for carrion crows
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    The English Grey Partridge?

    Recently moved to North Yorkshire and am pleasantly surprised by the number of greys around, they easily outnumber the red legs.

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