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    Filter Blaster

    Has anyone got or used one of these ? What do you think to it ? Thanks
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    Fitting a fire suppression kit on a combine?

    Years ago we had what I think was called a flextinguishe, it was a normal fire extinguisher but had a loop of pipe off the end that was threaded around the engine bay on our combine with the idea that if a fire started the pipe would melt and release the extinguisher contents. Have never seen...
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    Price of Concrete.

    Been quoted £132 for C35 with fibres. 24+ cu m
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    Welger Baler

    Anyone breaking a RP405/435 Thanks
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    Low Distubance Drill

    We currently use various methods for planting our crops inc plough, cultivate/power harrow and drill and also sumo early then drill. We have a Rapid and a Weaving tine drill which both work well but move quite a bit of soil allowing a flush at seeding. What reasonably priced low disturbance...