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    Rearing bull calves and beef crosses

    Are there many guys just keeping there bulls and raising them up? How long are you raising them for? We are thinking of just raising all our calves and selling the bulls at around 200-225kg. never been satisfied with the bull buyers price even in the good times. Figure we do all the work to...
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    10 in 7 milking + summer diet

    What yield would you need of solids on OAD to fill your contract? If you can fill it OAD and low input you’d be better off I think.. less cow problems and less money spent on concentrates. In theory these milking times at different times every other day makes sense but it will mess your body...
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    Best auto footbath

    What products are those with automatic footbaths running in them? We are looking at putting in autos and currently we run copper sulphate, formalin, and salt baths. Formalin is liquid product so easy there but what are the options for liquid copper or salt if there is even a thing?
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    Dairy complex new concrete floor grooving

    this seems to be the industry standard here and what most foot trimmers prefer. For us personally we will spend more to get it grooved afterwards. Much cleaner cut than wet grooved.
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    Calf scour

    We used halocure as well for quite a while, switched to baycox because then it was one dose and done.
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    Calf scour

    We tube 4L colostrum asap, then first Defense bolus, dose of inforce 3, and 15cc baycox. 2L colostrum 6-8 hrs later. Then on to milk replacer with oregano oil. Haven’t treated a calf for scours since going to oregano enriched powder. Also feeding 24-24-22 powder. 1-2% death loss on preweaned calves.
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    Group housing calves

    For a bit the groups will be smaller but after our expansion the barn will be at capacity. We are going to be individuals housing the calves for the first 4 weeks to keep a better eye on them and to prevent disease transmission. I would hope by 4 weeks we don’t have anything to worry about...
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    Group housing calves

    Producers with group housing, what is the maximum age gap you would want between oldest and youngest calf? Headlock, with bottle holders for feeding. Thinking maximum group size of 8 which would take us about two weeks to fill. Is that to much age gap between youngest and oldest in the pen?
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    4 slot roto clip discs are nice and not to aggressive. Once you get used to it you can run two blades for a more aggressive disc. I’ve only used those knobby looking things as a rasp for roughing up a claw for applying a block.
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    “Grazing corn”

    Normally I’d agree. But it’s corn “maize” should grow just as well as the other 500 acres we plant every year. Specific variety has been grown locally quite successfully. Only thing new will be mowing it at tassel.
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    “Grazing corn”

    I would not be surprised if I know the dairy you are talking about 😂
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    “Grazing corn”

    180 acres no tilled into fall rye. Really nice seed bed just need some rain! Will keep updating this thread as the season goes on.
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    “Grazing corn”

    Looking for a digestible fibre crop with lots of tonnage. We have a short growing season and the taps all but turn off around mid July. This would fit nicely as a double crop after winter forage. Figure it should compliment corn silage and winter triticale/wheat nicely. Our cows do much better...
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    “Grazing corn”

    Bmr tillering corn, 60 days from plant till harvest and yields 5-7 dm ton an acre. feed test from local farmer that tried it last year Thoughts?
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    If you were a silage contractor

    When we were doing some contracting we usually did ours when it was ready no matter what, then was the guys that had no kit so we did mowing, raking, harvesting, hauling, clamping. Last we’re those with some of there own kit and they phoned us to make sure they could go knock it down. Now we...