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    Milk Price Tracker

    arla price for september dropping by 0.90ppl :(
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    i just put mine on facebook marketplace when i have some to get rid of. plenty of folk looking for them for firewood or making garden seating etc
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    Northern plant sales.

    welcome back (y)
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    Slurry Channels

    have you tried wolfenden concrete or craven concrete
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    British Gas FIT Tel no.

    just spent a good half hour on the phone to british gas foreign call centre trying to get a new installation number, will wait and see but the guy on the other end of the phone said he'd sorted it and also i should now be getting paid by bacs instead of a cheque (y) :rolleyes:
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    Northern plant sales.

    dealt with him a few times, highly reccommended
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    Electricity prices

    had a guy turn up randomly from direct business solutions, been every day this week so far trying to get me on a 5 year fixed price contract, Gave me a price today of 22.42p day rate and 16.58p night with a standing charge of 74p per day. seems mega high but i haven't rung round suppliers yet as...
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    6130R dash problems

    my 6125r did the same, had to get a guy out with laptop to alter the brightness settings for the dashboard. It happened when tried to start it and battery termanal had corroded so had low power and maybe lost some of its settings
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    Waste oil collection.

    just had a collection last week. Used oil salvage from liverpool and it was £45+vat for 3 drums( 600 litres) of old oil
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    The hoof GP

    used to watch him but not now, also does a lot of filming and drone flying while driving on roads which isnt right
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    makita battery grease gun

    have you got it yet, any good?
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    Feeling slightly annoyed....... what would you do..........

    thats what a lot of consultants/agents do, had it happen to me with a well known consultancy group.
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    All things Dairy

    1000 litres @[email protected]
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    All things Dairy

    £549 for an IBC last week
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    Alan Bartlett Carrot growers to close

    i bought 2 of them, but im only 5 miles away from sale site so wont take long to collect them :)