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    Robot farms cubicle bedding routine

    we bed twice a day with a ag maxi push along dispenser, takes about 10 mins to do 120 cubicles. Will potter round shed 3 or 4 times a day and hand scrape any muck off back of beds.
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    Fuel price tracker

    2000 litres red diesel, 68ppl Ordered last friday, delivered today
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    Animal transport authorisation renewal

    better than £44 but still totally unnecessary when the old one has been perfectly fine for the last 14/15 years
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    Robotic milking

    been on it for a couple of months yet, lely still got plenty of things to iron out of the software yet so i wouldnt be in a big rush to sign up for it. The app is good while it works but unbelivably slow to load up so most days still use the t4c apps as they are a lot quicker and reliable
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    Animal transport authorisation renewal

    does anybody have one of these magical certificates in "Block format"? as everyone ive spoken to recently just has the normal certificate, which was perfectly acceptable to apha last time we had to renew the authorisation!!
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    Nut / bolt / washer selection box

    thats where i get all mine from too, as said above,selection boxes are an expensive way to buy nuts and bolts and you soon run out of the most popular sizes
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    JCB Leccy Loadall (525-60E) on-test

    how do you go about charging it if it runs out of power miles away from a plug socket?
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    Milk Price Tracker

    arla price for september dropping by 0.90ppl :(
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    i just put mine on facebook marketplace when i have some to get rid of. plenty of folk looking for them for firewood or making garden seating etc
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    Northern plant sales.

    welcome back (y)
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    Slurry Channels

    have you tried wolfenden concrete or craven concrete
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    British Gas FIT Tel no.

    just spent a good half hour on the phone to british gas foreign call centre trying to get a new installation number, will wait and see but the guy on the other end of the phone said he'd sorted it and also i should now be getting paid by bacs instead of a cheque (y) :rolleyes:
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    Northern plant sales.

    dealt with him a few times, highly reccommended
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    Electricity prices

    had a guy turn up randomly from direct business solutions, been every day this week so far trying to get me on a 5 year fixed price contract, Gave me a price today of 22.42p day rate and 16.58p night with a standing charge of 74p per day. seems mega high but i haven't rung round suppliers yet as...
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    6130R dash problems

    my 6125r did the same, had to get a guy out with laptop to alter the brightness settings for the dashboard. It happened when tried to start it and battery termanal had corroded so had low power and maybe lost some of its settings