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    Experiences with GT Bunning Lowlander Mk4 – 105 HBD

    Interesting question which answers mine.
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    Front links bale wrap carrier

    Bean has a good point, but the carriers provide a workshop challenge for many. Give the tubes a decent weld, or stick a short length so you can weld both inside and outside. The tube goes over and the weld will be stronger.
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    Project 331, Vaderstad restoration and isobus conversion

    Nothing like getting a new machine. Great job done and thanks for allowing me to put it in Practical Farm Ideas
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    Lidl plasma cutter for £80

    Had a tip from a farmer who had been using steel plate or box section as a guide to get a straight line. He found the tips soon wore. He found out that the steel bends the flame. Using a wood straight line did the job. Saved the expense of new tips. #farmideas
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    Another BBC hatchet job?

    Dr Kniight will know that many cows suffer very little trauma when their calves are removed. He doesn't implies that there's no problem weaning calves when they are a few months old. I can tell him they make a much greater fuss. We left them on the cow for the first 3 - 4 days (something he...
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    Another BBC hatchet job?

    Complaining is made too easy. Mostly it's anonymous. Type and click, post, no time for "am I right" Farmers are lucky not having to deal too much with the great British public, as they complain about everything, and the woke business doesn't help either.
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    Another BBC hatchet job?

    Agree 'must watch'. Such selective filming * not all dairy cows are good mothers - many are quite okay with the calf being taken away. * the vast majority of farmers look after downers as well as they can and many don't use hip hoists having all kinds of other methods including filling tanks...
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    The Welding/Fabrication Thread

    Cobbled? Looks very precise to me. Well done!
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    The Welding/Fabrication Thread

    Been doing this since 1992 in a printed magazine Practical Farm Ideas. Each issue has sections called Made it Myself, which has the greatest proportion of the 48 pages (no advertising); Financial Focus; Soil and Cover Cropping (since 2013); FarmWorld; Farm Walk; Editor's Notebook Published...
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    Project 331, Vaderstad restoration and isobus conversion

    I'll follow this with interest - maybe something for Prac Farm Ideas?
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    Fertilizer replacement

    Avoid square bales and Fusion type baler/wrappers with lucerne, which I think is the same stuff as alfalfa. The stems stick out and puncture the wrap. When the bale drops on the stubble, you get even more holes. there's more about it in the next issue, out mid Nov.
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    Bout Marker?

    Practical Farm Ideas Write marker in the search box and it tells you the issue in which it appears. Some articles are available as a digital download. I made one myself in the late 80s. A Deosan drum which you fill with water and a decent amount of Fairy Liquid. A...
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    Bout Marker?

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    Double Chop Silage

    Doing a piece on wholecrop and seen the Krone X Disc on a Big T direct cut 120 acres in a short day. Top ration for a suckler herd.
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    Bulking up small seed quantities

    Thanks for finding the pic. Bury the Trash! You're jolly good at locating it as well as it was in Farm Ideas 15 - 20 years ago. I made one for myself, calibrating the size of hole in the bottle and it worked better than any other method. I tried everything - mixing with fert and seeing the...