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    Grain Conveyors

    Are the carrier c5 or c8
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    Good service

    Had good back up from S Cheers machinery Holsworthy thanks Steve
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    Difference between MF500 and 30?

    Apparently there was 500 differences between it and the old 30 that’s how they named it , seems a lot to me
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    Bed & Breakfast cattle

    Mind the differing tb status with your own cattle
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    P X Farms

    You borrow 100 k it’s your problem you borrow 10 million it’s the banks problem
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    KRM Agitator bearing

    If memory serves me right held in place by a circling the agitator piece should just pull of but the bearing part that’s left on the shaft might need to be cut with small angle grinder carefully hope this helps
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    Industrial hemp as a UK arable break-crop

    I think there is a company in Barnstaple Braham and Murray good hemp that extract oil from the seed but I don’t think they do anything with the straw they grow it themselves
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    Opico varitilth

    looking for two legs for a varitilth anybody got any or knows who would make them ,thanks
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    Anybody got two legs for an opico varitilth tia
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    VAT electronic submission

    Do you know the date in may
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    MF30 drill advice

    Be careful of the disc variety we had one that would move a lot of soil to the middle especially if tempted to go too fast , this would then take longer to come through and the slugs would run this area
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    Dowdeswell dp 120

    anybody got any ideas of how to get a leg back into position after shear bolt breaks usually come back to the yard and deal with it with the handler , loathed to grease it as dust sticks and makes it worse . Sometimes can just reverse with the plough down but more often gone to far for the tip...
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    Mchale fusion 2 user opinions

    I haven’t really pushed it as I prefer to make a good solid bale slowly, l think it’s 4 ft 6 but not sure the auto net is activated when the bale gets to a certain size and the buzzer goes of in the cab to stop but can drive on for another five or so seconds until you see the net going into the...
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    Mchale fusion 2 user opinions

    Get to know the control box well , a camera on the wrapping table is a godsend. Did some hay first just to get to know the baler the next day wrapped haylage pretty simple when you get to know it. Obviously a lot of chains and bearings that need lubrication and if they haven’t wear pretty...
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    Jcb 3230 plus manual #wanted#

    Been looking tor 18 mths bit like hens teeth plenty of ptronic about wonder why

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