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    AB15 2 year legume fallow

    Ditto thought Ab8 was for small plots. Yes the mid tier was supposed to be competitive. I’m considering putting most of the farm into options. More stable than crops. Anyone know what will happen to mid tier going fwd with ELMs etc
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    AB15 2 year legume fallow

    I will attempt to address your points and put down as many observations I can think of from ab15 would appreciate your thoughts on my remarks. What quantities of each option do you have or plan to have? I’ve got about 23 ha of a AB15 and probably 3 ha of AB8. Like you are saying I think that...
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    Groundswell 2019

    Speaking of fat hen and Quinoa I read that the agent Egyptians used to use that in as a staple in their diet
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    Groundswell 2019

    Yes. Its the Spanish pronunciation. Like jalapenos etc
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    Crows love Sluxx

    Sluxx is only toxic to slugs, as far as I gather so it makes good food for birds. I’ve found that slugs will decimate the crop if left to their own devices especially late drilled wheat.
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    Crows love Sluxx

    Interesting. Pigeons are keen on it too. It’s such easy food for them! Do you know if any of the non Metaldehyde pellets On the market differ in their consistency to sluxx? Ie anything to deter the birds.
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    Sluxx vs Derrex

    Crows love Sluxx. Found blue bird sh!t on my car. WW covered in crows the morning after pelletting. Complained to Certas but they shrug their shoulders
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    Crows love Sluxx

    It has become obvious to me that crows love eating slugs. Just recently drilled then immediately palleted a field of wheat. Within an hour Crows arrive on the field, The next morning it’s covered in crows constantly pecking. As if to prove it my agronomist has wiped blue bird sh!t off his car...
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    Electric cars

    I don't understand the Gloucester to Newark refill. We can go from Brigg to Leeds and back on about half a tank. Using electric when under 50mph and petrol the remainder
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    Electric cars

    Got an Outlander Phev and thus far think it's great. Wanted to move away from diesel. Very quiet and smooth. It suits short journeys (sub 50 miles) followed by a charge which fits with the majority of our trips. On longer journeys you can use the Save battery function which manually allows you...
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    Wox Agri Güttler SuperMaxx cultivator

    I have been looking at the supermaxx for a while. I want something that will act as a rake to deal with residue, also go deeper to relieve compaction in clay, help level fields, and sow covers. Not too much to ask! How are you getting on with the seeder? Do the cover crops come well? Roll...
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    750a row cleaners

    Ditto. I find dd in heavy land esp with residue is mostly disappointing. Surface discing makes a hell of a difference, I find.
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    Hunting.....what's the point?

    Never seen the point in it. Nor can I understand the great passion they hold for hunting foxes. Obv they find it fun. As with bird shoots. We have a bird shoot on our land every other week they get 80 odd birds. They eat what they catch which to me gives it a raison d'etre. Of course you could...
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    50Kva PTO Generator bought at a sale...1000 or 540 speed?

    Not come across electronic rev Control. Any pointers? Are they generic for every tractor? Rough idea on price?

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