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    Today at work

    Look quite settled after there wash and blow dry
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    Sheep double race

    How did the pneumatic huntaway go?🤔
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    Fendt S4 716 Profi Plus

    I'd of been in there to if it had been
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    Employee & mates

    No twin beacons on that be a pleasure to drive
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    Business Proposal

    When you meeting @unlacedgecko
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    Ebay scams wonder if they'll be able to get it through my letterbox
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    Concrete panel silage clamps

    Would want to be 6" at least panels for clamp especially at 20ft
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    Mchale F550

    Very approachable was having a warranty issue with dealer rung McHale directly myself and got it sorted
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    how many hours is on your highest houred tractor?

    So how do you know he's not parked up on his phone
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    how many hours is on your highest houred tractor?

    Is he even moving can't see wheels going round
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    Is a hookloader over 8ton
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    plastic bale wrap

    Better to use 25 micron by time your doing 6layers with 25 you've to do 7 with 22 to get roughly same thickness of plastic on
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    error code fendt 516

    Not had that one come up yet. I'll have a look in manual
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    error code fendt 516

    All relying on sensors so could be anything just failed to read in clear fault code and see if it does it again

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