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    Today at work

    Yea they won't nick it just open it and drive through it's not locked🤣🤣
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    Wanted John Deere 3420

    Do you not think there's many handlers driving round London
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    Wanted John Deere 3420
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    Best spreader for semi solids

    Rubber strip where slats come into spreader at front and rubber strip on door not water tight but he said semi solid. I can scrape suckler cow sh!t up and it doesn't run out
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    Can't catch my sheep

    Yes it goes faster than any sheep specially when you get off it or park it up at night
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    Best spreader for semi solids

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    Claas Disco 3200 mower

    Is it just the pin that holds the blade that's broke or has it lost it's spring
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    Working Collie pups for sale

    Tap on his name and 'start conversation'
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    Working Collie pups for sale

    Is the red one on the left and the fourth from right a dog or bitch
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    12ft Livestock trailer

    Other colours are available
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    12ft Livestock trailer

    He said gamic not Houghton
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    12ft Livestock trailer

    What spec?
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    Ifor Williams

    @Bob c What's gross weight of that trailer? Looking at wheels looks like it's a 2ton one
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    12ft Livestock trailer

    @mtx.jag trailer here comes with a free horse shelter for @mrs mtx
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    Older off road 4x4

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