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    Dog Mess And Farm Animals?

    yes, two problems, one is Neospora and the other is the bags not rotting and plastic littering
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    Pods in my face!

    I think it is very important to check the wording of the right of way, I suspect that it could be only for agricultural use or domestic, their right of way must be worded to allow them to use it for their pods (otherwise you could have a veto over them!). As far a gates are concerned, I think...
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    Dog Mess And Farm Animals?

    luckily I live in an area without lots of ramblists or dog walkers, however I think there is a job for the government to make all dog muck bags bio degradable, so when dog owners leave them about, at least they will rot down.
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    Who dreamed up Carbon offset.

    when I stand in my yard and look out, there are plenty of trees, we have enough already
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    Dog Parents

    and there is me, worried about the poor people who will lose their homes, lives and being more mercenary how it will affect the supply of food (especially for the poor who are suffering terrible food inflation).... oh well
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    Dog Parents

    what absolute rot, are a lot of people soft in the head?
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    Tree Planting in Wales

    Talking about tree planting in Wales on Radio 4, well done the attitude of John Davies of NFU Cymru. I am pleased this is getting more into the public domain now, hopefully it will put a stop to it.
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    Thistles in grass

    and I am sure sheep with the same regime will do the same to the docks 🤞🤞🤞
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    Food production needs to be seen as a ‘public good’ – UFU

    I think the government needs to understand, people do not riot when the ability to trade complex financial derivatives is compromised, however when Tesco has no food they do! Well said the Ulster Farmer's Union.
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    Dog Parents

    Listening to radio 4 just before lunch, they were talking about Vegan dog snacks, and I am pretty sure they called dog owners, dog parents, what on earth is that all about!!!
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    Defras image of a farmer

    when I worked in a workshop in Denmark, everyone else wore bib and brace overalls (and steel toe capped clogs too!)
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    Mud, mud, glorious mud..

    I think that is the reason why, Councils insist that contractors who work for them are a member of a Health & Safety assurance scheme (thereby fulfilling their responsibility of only using a contractor who is "safe"). I guess, just thinking about it, we should really ask to see a copy of any...
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    Mud, mud, glorious mud..

    can't you sink some posts and put motorway crash barriers to protect the house, I think they sell them in Newcastle Emlyn.
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    Octopost or fence n forget?

    how much are the concrete strainers? Have been using telegraph posts as I noticed the strainers seemed to rot faster than the posts (when I was using tanilised posts)
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    Who dreamed up Carbon offset.

    I will add, I have done a bit of long haul flying in the past, however, no one had ever hear of Carbon Footprint then.