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    Horsch co 4 updates

    I thought I'd show a few photos of our latest project, which is to convert this old co to dd, to convert the fan to hydraulic drive and at the same time replace the head stock with an updated one + we may try and fit a dry fert tank. So far we have remove the markers and fix all the worn out...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    We buy when ever we think the price is right, I have bought a load or two for next year already, which will come in sept/October I guess. When it arrives, we will just ram it in a shed, might cover it with a sheet, it usually forms a crust on top, which we just melt, but the stuff under the...
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Woo Hoo, their giving it away, fill your boots, not. I’m sticking with bulk urea and keeping away from this annual bs.
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    Growth reg spring barley

    Walked our s barley/s oats yesterday, hardly a weed in them, so most will receive no herb, no pgr and if this dry run continues, no fungicide. So with fs seed (no dressing), no till and only 120kg of n as home made liquid, it's gonna be a cheap crop to grow.
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    A month without rain?

    Our 10 week total now stands at, drum roll please a grand total of 5mm, I would say we are up the creek, but the creek has dried up.
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    Winter Beans, how to do?

    Winter barley will stand more frost than beans. If you drilled them 10/12cm in late October when would they emerge ? In 2010 I drilled our beans in late October, they were just emerging in early December ( you could just see then in the row) when we were hit by 3 weeks of very low temperatures...
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    Winter Beans, how to do?

    Beyond -10/-12 they are history, with a snow cover they would ok, no snow, forget it.
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    Crazy yet desperate irrigation ideas !

    Even with a cvt on 36m you could not drive slow enough, 12-14m per hour, maybe slower.
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    Your current weather.

    With a whole 1mm last night that brings us up to whooping 5mm in 10 weeks, we are saved 👍
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    Normal number here as well, got 5 pairs nesting under the eves on the house + at least 6/10 pairs of martins nest under the church roof next door. As for cuckoos haven't heard one for at least 10 years, but I remember fishing on the Surna river in the north of Norway in June one year and the...
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    Put it another way A 3000ltr 24m sprayer putting on 10mm of water would travel 12.5 m for every tank full
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    250000ltrs (250m2)= 25mm on 1Ha 22000 gals = one acre inch. It's a long time since I did any irrigation, but think that right.
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    Is God trying to destroy us

    300,000 years The thing about the fossil record is that everything is in order, you don't find for instance rabbits mixed with T. rex fossils.
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    Winter barley 2020

    Some time back in the late 80s early 90s we had a crop of w barley frosted, one half of many of the heads were blind, the variety was Torrent. W Barley is a crop I hate with a vengeance, so inconsistent, it always flatters too deceive. A wet winter followed by a dry Spring does not make good w...
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    A month without rain?

    Checked our records yesterday, 4mm since mid March, which will be almost 9 weeks ago. crops are still hanging on, just, but if we get some heat, things will start to go down hill fast.

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