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    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    Had 11mm a few days ago, but the crop response hasn’t been that much due to these constant frosts and cold winds. It’s a strange season. Spring barley that was drilled early March is just sitting there, not moving on.
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    C2 seed rates

    Tend to agree. Compared to other input costs, seed is comparatively cheap, and you only get one chance to use it each year. After drilling, weather often turns bad for long spells of time, slugs do what they do, and temperatures flit around all over the place. Having a decent robust young...
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    Which sprayers nozzles?

    I use blue FF’s and 120 litres at 2.5 bar for most stuff, and then when the breeze gets up a bit I use the lilac GA’s or Bubble Jets at 3 - 3.5 bar. Those two nozzles do everything I need between them.
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    Hey, it’s early January and it’s -5 degrees tonight, isn’t it about time for people to...

    ....get some early N on their backward crops. :ROFLMAO:
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    Winter linseed

    I planted mine on 25th August last summer, and 4th September the year before. It doesn't look any more forward this year than last year in the middle of winter, so I don't think you get much of a biomass advantage by going really early. Centurion Max did a good job on the BG where I have...
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    Subaru pick up wanted

    Subaru pick up sought. All conditions considered.
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    bps status 2020

    Yep. Paid overnight. First time I’ve had it on the 1st
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    Field record software

    Hi Camilla I used it successfully for three years, and helped Rob with various suggestions as he developed it. He then said he was stopping FieldMargin and that it wasn’t going to be supported any more, so I went elsewhere. It’s a shame because it was a great product that I’d have been very...
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    I used to get bored of hearing people talk about soil structure etc. I cynically thought it was just a way for Steve Townsend to sell drills back in the late 90’s. We struggled to get drilled up 10 years ago in a wet autumn when we had a Disc Cordone and a Horsche CO8. I decided there had to...
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    Ex-linseed ground finished now. Into ex-bean ground now. Should be wrapped up for the year by 10pm. Saki @ 190 kgs. I don’t want to sound like a zero-till fanboi, but there’s no way this block would have drilled the day after 110mm when I had a cultivator. Loving the Claydon still after six...
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    It’s linseed stubble, and I’m amazed how well it has drained 11cm of rain away. If this sun stays out I might even be able to roll it later
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    Well, despite 110 min at the weekend, it’s going in really well.
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    Here we we go again................

    Honestly, we have. Never seen anything like it.
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    Here we we go again................

    113 mm here in 48 hours