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    TFF 2019 Calendar Raising Money for FCN

    I'd have a couple if any more were printed forgot about ordering them until it was too late:(
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    Bottle jack recommendation.

    cant beat a Tangye.... Ive got a couple that came out of farm sales for £20ish
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    Workshop tool chest/box

    i have got two sets of the halfords industrial ones now and I'm very pleased with them. they're much more robust than the red halfords sets
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    its the biggest shed in the world! 128 acres
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    +1 for the heineken experience the flower auction is very interesting and well worth a visit also worth going up the A'dam tower for a swing over the edge!
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    Mitas v. Continental

    BKT, have got a set of continentals on a JD 6430 the same age as yours with the same hours and the same problems!, and they will be replaced with BKT. They seem to be getting on very well around here.
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    grease gun adapter

    how about the DeWalt one?
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    i am looking for TVO baler engine
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    Essential need for a Dwelling

    presumably the cost thing is another factor in my argument for a house as there is no way i could afford a sensible sized place local to here. would probably be over twice the price! @del_boy was that with you helping at all or just doing the purchasing? did you do any groundworks yourself?
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    Essential need for a Dwelling

    The holiday lets are only 4 small 1 bedroom chalets in a courtyard, not quite farmhouse material!
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    Essential need for a Dwelling

    Has anyone managed to demonstrate an "essential need" for a dwelling in the countryside without livestock? Im trying to get a house built on the farm with 150ac, arable and veg (some hand harvested), all of which is irrigated, 4 holiday lets, farm shop and wholesale veg business. there is...
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    TEF P3 conversion

    that is a P3.144, an updated version of the P3. should have a bolt on starter motor rather than the type that is held on with two metal straps
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    TEF P3 conversion

    are you sure its a TEF? the P3 conversions will only fit a TE,TEA or TED if its an old type P3 it probably won't have seals fitted.
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    Workshop tool storage Very pleased with my set.
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    Cheffins vintage sale

    The prices are here for the things that sold

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