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    Avian flu outbreak Worcester.

    I am guessing that the infected wild birds will have been winter visitors.
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    Leaving job without notice

    Unless they disappeared with a lot of your stuff, l don't think that you can do much. You may have a breach of contract situation but it's not worth chasing.
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    Miles and miles of block paved roads in northern Germany across fields installed during the war. I believe that they didn't pay a lot for the labour that laid them😕
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    SuDS assessment for new building drainage?

    We had to have approval for our 5000sq ft building. We are storing and using the rain water. It's all about attenuation of runoff, and a pita that has added complexity and cost. The outdoor manège we constructed has also had this as a planning requirement. The suds team recommended putting in a...
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    Arthritis of the spine.

    You have just become a manager. Concentration of your efforts on others doing the graft could be your advantage.
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    I had Pretoria working in my office for a few weeks when I managed the estates operations for the EA. Funnily enough she wasn't that involved with environmental matters. Nice lass though.
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    Outside AD plant ag produce causing nuisance

    It seems inconsiderate of the neighbour at the very least to put it right outside his front gate.
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    Any drainage experts on here

    Stacked in a frame they make a great wine rack. This thread brings back memories of my days at Cambridgeshire smallholdings. We put in miles every year. Levelling to get a fall in a flat field sometimes you needed to go Very deep.
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    Are you on Facebook/ Twitter

    Facebook is used for social groups, and if you don't belong you can never know what you missed.
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    Wasps 2021

    In our last house we had a nest under the eaves and above the bedroom ceiling. I could hear them, put my hand against the plasterboard and it went straight through. Room full of wasps was not fun. They had eaten through the board just leaving a skin of paper and Paint.
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    PTO shaft safety project

    Why do the splines on the PTO never line up with the shaft?
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    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    I think that they wouldn't be too keen on handling pigs, as it isn't clean in their religion, or have I missed the irony smiley.
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    Wasps 2021

    Few here in Carmarthenshire. We had two nests. One I destroyed as it was in a doorway. The other was in a hollow blockwork pillar which I left as it wasn't doing any harm. It was a big nest and then it suddenly died out. No idea why, but I don't like destroying things unless I have to. They do a...
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    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    And are they paying business rates on the infrastructure and losing the inheritance tax benefits? The same should apply to wind turbines and solar farms.
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    Applying for a Firearms Licence.

    My wife and l live at the same address. They managed to get us muddled up.