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    Biodiversity offsetting - Anyone done it?

    Which council will have otherwise why would any developer bother? They'll just say they are doing it and then once the houses are built not do the offsetting. There is a type of agreement called S106 which is an agreement between the council for monies and services rendered in exchange for...
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    Toyota Hilux - Traction Control Light on

    The wheels were out of alignment which was causing this, that got fixed but it recently started doing it again. Assume wheels coming out of alignment is because something is worn on the steering rack?
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    Biodiversity offsetting - Anyone done it?

    I am a district councillor, so to a degree have some understanding of the requirements that as the planning authority that we put on the developers. Biodiversity net gain is a requirement now for new developments, in really simple terms this means if they destroy an acre of meadow, they need to...
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    Dairy Farm For Sale

    Been viewing a few places this week in North Devon/Somerset with family, everyone we have spoken to is saying everything is selling 15-20% over the guide price
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    Dairy Farm For Sale

    @sidjon 441 grade 2 acres, 7 bedroom house and 5 cottages. £7 million
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    Anyone milking sheep south west ?

    Oh really, thats a shame. They had that fancy parlour but did feel like a bit of a vanity project and it wasn't going very well!
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    Looking for North Devon, farm

    Posting on behalf of the wider family. Looking for 50-150 acres in North Devon with existing farmhouse, and traditional buildings (converted or unconverted). Sensible budget, confidential enquiries welcomed, no chain to wait for
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    Anyone milking sheep south west ?

    Mere Park be one of the biggest in the UK?
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    Sheeted Somerset Cattle project.

    Credit to you Andrew
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    NAW buy farm!

    Bizzare that neither the government nor the festival would comment, that sounds dodgy?
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    White-tailed eagle killed in West Sussex with dangerous banned pesticide

    We had this bird stay on the farm for a couple of days over lambing last year, it was incredible to see. There are a few of them who have fledged off the Isle of White and come over to the main land.
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    Rent entitlements

    After 20 ha of entitlements for 1 year
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    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse in government for farmers ……. Neil Parrish

    Think it is less about what he did, and more about the fact he didn't come forward earlier in the week. He even went on GB News calling for an investigation.
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    Vredo direct drill

    Whats this look like now?
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    Have you taken part in any Future Farming Resilience Fund events recently?

    Appreciate the person posting didn't come up with the scheme, but since we're discussing it the amount of money being spent on this program is absolutely insane, a criminal waste of tax payers money that's being funneled to consultants. Freedom of information request for Recipient, Total Grant...