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    Petrol strimmers.

    Another vote here for Echo, I've had one now for 3 years and do alot of stimming and its a great machine, no vibration can easily spend a good few hours stimming. I have one with handle bars and a harness. makes so much difference and is a joy to use. It uses a tank of fuel every hour of...
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    I totally agree it is the way renewable energy is being marketed is a con. The marketing people are conning every one that the energy they are getting is predominately renewable. There are two aspects one being how it is being produced by the electricity producers and the second is the...
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    Cost of Tree Safety Survey & Report

    I volunteer on a Scout campsite in helping to maintain the grounds, where we have 26 acres with 250 mature trees most of which have TPO's on them. In the past we used a tree surgeons to do an inspection and have a report which was sent to local authority for approval to do the recommended works...
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    It could if the public ownership entity ran it correctly and was able to get the investment from government when required. However as we have seen from the majority of public owned entities it soon becomes a public football and the required investment is not provided. Also it does not want to...
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    We have to be careful when talking profits and dividends. It is only from profits that capital schemes (improvement/ heavy maintenance/ expansion) can be funded also you need to pay dividends to attract investors. Too many people see profits and paying dividends as dirty terms. If you have no...
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    Yes I agree on very large developments. But on developments such as less than 200 house/ flats they do not, but in a town where it is easy to have at least 2-5 of these developments a year it would soon mount up.
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    The work to bring the sewage infrastructure upto standard would take much more than ten years. I worked on the Lee Tunnel and Thames Tunnel storm water schemes 15 years ago and only the Lee Tunnel has been constructed the Thames Tunnel is being constructed and they are only part of the solution...
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    The biggest problem is the base infrastructure was all started in Victorian times so in the big towns and cities the main sewage system is old. Also in the UK we mix rainwater run off with our sewage so with the increase in paved areas, driveways, housing new and extensions and add to that the...
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    British Sugars Penultimate Sugar Campaign. 2021/22

    I always have a problem when people quote values for profit and not percentage as it is only looking at percentage profit do you get a picture of whether profit is good or bad. Looking at British Sugar accounts the £100m profit represents 6.3% operating profit which is not a huge amount to...
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    How stupid can Plod get?

    One thing people forget is whether the victim is a female or male the loss of life is the same and should be looked upon the same. We are now getting into a media fueled frenzy that the loss of a female life is more important that a mans life. The members of the police force are not different...
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    Why is the Uk agricultural industry becoming almost “obsessed by carbon free farming”???

    The concept of carbon neutral is impossible to achieve. Then to apply it to only a small segment of a supply chain is even more absurd. As we have all read on this forum about the dairy and cattle carbon footprint which does not take into account the grazing aspect and the spreading of muck back...
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    No very promising for shellfish producers.

    The fishing industry have shot themselves in the foot. When 95% of all fish and shellfish is exported to the EU they were vehement in leaving the EU. They knew the rules that they would have to follow once out of the EU and it seems that the shellfish industry ignored or just had their heads in...
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    Most comfortable neoprene wellies

    I've had a pair of Skellerup Quatro Sport insulated for a year now and they are very good, a good fit and comfortable for wearing all day. Last pair were Grub insulated which did not last long as the neopreme calf section started to come off the rubber joint after 7 months use.
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    MF165- cooling system parts

    I'm renewing the radiator on my MF 165 together with water pump and all hoses. Where would be the best place to buy from. I have heard anecdotal accounts that some new radiators from certain suppliers are appalling for fit. So I just want from recent experience the best place to buy a radiator from.
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    Donald Trump - views

    The proof is quite simply so far no one arrested has been declared a member Anifa. Yet numerous of the leaders of the coup have been shown to be members of right wing groups, most taken directly from their social media posts. Or is this also a conspiracy by Trump's own departments FBI etc when...