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    Your current weather.

    Make it 12 mm in total.
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Lack of storage is not going to be a problem. Osr, beans haven't taken much room...
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    Your current weather.

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    Your current weather.

    This is the stupidest job isn't it. Sigh. Not going to dry up for wheat cutting tomorrow now is it. fudge.
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    Your current weather.

    Was nice. Dried up. Went to hitch cultivator on. Chummed it down. Forked off home.
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    The Snowball and the Hill

    If I spent less time agonising about which bit of kit to use, and waiting for the ideal day to use it, and just crakced on ploughing everything steadily, Id still get finished at the same time. Most years. Dont think plough would go in the ground this year. If I had any beautiful old buildings I...
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    DD Soya (2018)

    Do they stand like beans, or go flat to the floor the day before the combine arrives?
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    Wheat harvest 2018

    Yup, that would have been harvest! We've all got two weeks booked now.
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    Your current weather.

    Bit soupy this morning. Light drizzle on and off yesterday.
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    I've inherited some money, what to do?

    Spend couple of grand on intensive Spanish lessons. Spend rest on tumble down house in Spain. Move there. Fix it up. Enjoy the sun and cheap beer.
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    Your current weather.

    Has rained. Day off!
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    travellers? and they wonder why people hate them This poor sodlooks like he's getting a bollocking for telling it as it is.
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    Entitlements error

    For seventy five grand I'd get an agent to sort it. Unless you like trying to push treacle uphill.
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    Why do people insist on having cabs full of crap

    Most of the time we tend to be in the same machine. It's usually me who moves between kit, so I see what they are like. Just tell them off.
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    Why do people insist on having cabs full of crap

    Tell off culprits? One of my workers is taking his cab carpet home to give it a cleaning. Mine is. Bit scruffy but only as I have lived in it for so long now !

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