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    Best place for a polytunnel

    I recommend these. Not cheap, but darn good.
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    Subtle yet effective Hi Vis clothing

    We used to keep our bee hives next to a gas distribution bunker, we put a note on the door to tell anyone to remove their hi-vis as the bees a love it. I had more than one engineer leg it sharpish after telling me they weren't allowed to work without it on.
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    College options for a keen lad.

    Come up with a list of vocational qualifications which are useful and transferable. Forklift, industrial and off road, chainsaw, PA2 + whatever extra modules, welding etc?
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    DIY a frost protection wind machine

    Most apple blossom is ok to -4 until it starts to open, then anything below -2 will finish it off quite quickly. You tend to get the coldest temperatures just before dawn, 5-6am at this time of the year, then the sun rises and it warms up. However, despite the Met office and their millions spent...
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    DIY a frost protection wind machine

    Yep, I've had one those years too while back 1/2 bin of Cox (160kg) instead of 30+. I think it worked out at about 1-2 apples/tree. Wore more boot leather out than the crop was worth. It sold quickly though.... I've not seen much in the way of mobile frost beaters, but there is a chap down...
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    Orchard sprayer for project.

    Where are you? Mounted or trailed? Agrimec in Ledbury worth a call:
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    Gripple tension tool,

    I’ve used hundreds in post and wire orchards, they’ve needed a little tweak to tighten them up in winter, but that’s more to do with the stress of a summer on the wires. Never had one fail, and some had been used several times.
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    IBC tank fittings?

    Smiths of the Dean
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    Emergency Services Phone Numbers?

    999/112 Emergencies Only 999 was the world’s first single digit emergency services number and has long been used in the UK for over 80 years. 999 was chosen for technical reasons (including less chances of being dialled mistakenly), but had another benefit. When dialling, the number 9 could...
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Hail. Been there twice, once about May, so not so bad you can run the economy season for sprays. August hail was more destructive, wiped out all plums, apples, pears & income.
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    The following year after frost was always a bind. You prune to assume a crop, but when frost takes all the flowers and crop, the tree has nothing to all year except grow wood and hopefully flower bud for the next year. I’d find the trees would be bigger, with greater internodal space making...
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    Teagle XT48 not spreading to 12m

    Worn vanes?
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    Removing stone from a field without harming the grass

    I’d order a big box of tent pegs to sell too. Sounds like your punters are going to need a few spare.
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    Post auger help?

    Easy in, otherwise you’ve got the worlds biggest self-tapper. And park it on pallets without the auger.
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    Cheap bearings

    Done similar with something off one of those metal Tri-star brush cutter blades. Didn’t feel much, but could hear the unmistakable sound of metal on metal when the other half tapped it with the tweezers. Pea sized curl of metal, straight through the side.