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    Lime in short supply

    Lime is used in hot-mix asphalt as an anti-stripping additive and as mineral filler. In the United states, numerous state transportation departments have found that incorporating hydrated lime into hot-mix asphalt adds years to the life of a highway, thus making the addition very cost-effective...
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    Could kick myself (moddus cock up)

    If you were doing barley instead the max dose is 0.6 l/ha so not too bad and some of these forward crops will really take off when it rains !!
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    Prince Philip RIP

    The Queen surrenders the revenue from The Crown Estate to the government which for 2018-19 was £343.5 million. The Sovereign Grant for 2020-21 is £85.9 million which is 25% of £343.5 million. Section 2 explains how this is calculated.
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    580G starter slow and drawing a lot of current

    It looks to me from that picture as if the 2 starters have different number of teeth, could just be the angle of the photo ???? Might be worth checking!
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    what happened to Farmcare

    They have sold £100M BMW/Mini Car Business due to losses and all AD plants when losses got too much !!!
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    pole barns

    I had a similiar leaning pole with transformer on it.......they were not concerned, i said i would see if i could straighten it up with the forklift.......jobsworth on site within the hour, still refused to do anything. I started getting some tow chains out and said don't worry i''ll sort it...
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    Spring linseed advice please.

    Try getting it moved with a contract !!!!!!!!
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    Vaccine poll

    Had the AZ vaccine yesterday, feeling a bit tired with slight headache. How long before these side effects pass ? Also the 15 minute wait is no longer needed !
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    Buildings with a covenant

    Have you asked angry email son for a copy of the covenant?
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    Buildings with a covenant

    Have you obtained a copy of the covenant ?
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    John Deere 6820 4wd not working

    Hopefully not, looks a bit of a fiddle to get it apart and it is a bit strange it managed to hook the big circlip out the drum !!!! I found a u tube video of a guy assembling the clutch pack so that will help!!
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    John Deere 6820 4wd not working

    @Planttech looks like the handbrake mechanism had something to do with it, the head is worn off pin and no circlip(s) either.
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    John Deere 6820 4wd not working

    So i got the drop box off and found this.....
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    John Deere 6820 4wd not working

    I agree it looks like its internal (clutch)....just a bit surprised it worked one day and not the next and rather strange bulb failed at exactly the same time !!
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    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    I see the site features a left hand drive combine !!!!!! QUALITY !