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    Nroso points

    Royal mail returned my letter i sent to NROSO ( applying for points attending sprayer test) saying business not available !!!!!!!! WTF !!!
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    Drilling mixed barley varieties.....

    Worked well, all standing nicely, easy harvest. Yield slightly higher than six row on its own, i plan to switch to Orwell with Rafaela for next years crop.
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    Grain Drying

    That is pretty much our set up as well, cooling it in the drier is much quicker (about 1 1/2 hours for 18 tonne) Then i unload into a heap in 'dry' shed, if ambient temp is high it can be cooled further with pedestals.
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    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    Second week of October ?
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    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    I think this chap is helping @Clive out on one of his drier fields !!
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    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    32mm so far this week so it can stop now until after harvest !!
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    Bedford HA Van

    Wanted - Bedford HA Van for restoration. Please PM if you have one !
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    Nroso points

    I think you would like to have said the frontline staff (at shows etc...) are great but the the management, website and running of the organisation is rubbish. The list of training avents on the website is STILL several years out of date
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    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    9mm here this week, probably enough to save the spring barley and help the autumn drilled wheat fill up properly.
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Price needs to drop further imo, the gas price has dropped nearly 40% since this time last year !!!
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    Michelin vs Alliance - Worth the extra?

    I have just been looking at similar size tyres and wanted Michelin but no stock and none likely for several weeks. If you do road work and/or run low pressures it is Michelin all the way.
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    Drilling mixed barley varieties.....

    I am looking at growing Winter Barley and Winter Beans together this autumn, my thinking is to try and use the barley to supress any blackgrass !!
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    Triton direct seed drill

    Another gem to add to the gift that keeps on giving- "In many instances a Triton has paid for itself by drilling just one field of late wheat, in just one year.."
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    John deere 7700 - Pick up hitch

    I am looking for a NEW (or nearly new) old syle Dromone pickup hitch for a John Deere 7700. Anyone got one? I thought somone on here sells them ?????
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    Spring drought 2020

    I have similar with my DD crops they are now looking better than the min till ones, also anything 'cultivated' in the spring was an invitation for Blackgrass to return !!

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