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    Drilling anyone?

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    Drilling anyone?

    I think he could have just lifted out the ground and be making a headland turn ! But it does look very lumpy to me. I wonder if he has come up with that setup for this season or if it is his normal practice ?
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    Winter beans drilled, well up, but no chem applied. what options?

    The reason post em for kerb is not on the label for beans (as i understand it) is that it can damage the plant and cause yield loss !
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    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    Thank you for pointing that out. @Cowabunga referred to both and i agree with all he said regarding all 3 fuels mentioned in his post. I did helpfully title my response This is in relation to DRAX power Station My own knowledge is mainly limited to the heavy engineering projects i have...
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    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    This is in relation to DRAX power Station By 2010, the station was co-firing biomass. In 2012, the company announced plans to convert three generating units to solely biomass, burning 7.5 million tonnes imported from the United States and Canada. This work was completed in 2016[3] and a further...
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    Triton direct seed drill

    A crude and simple drilling idea, yes. What we dont get to see is the actual crops that grow following on from the numerous examples of pretty crappy drilling conditions. As a bonus, comparing it to a plough/combidrill or another direct drill might put things into perspective. I have used...
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    Drilling spring crops into over wintered "weathered" cultivated land

    Looks to be a good seedbed, will you try and put some wheat in or just go straight to spring crops ?
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    Drilling anyone?

    I thought my luck was going to change this year, but it's Just started raining here now, and i'm in sunny Lanzarote !!!!!!!!!!
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    When’s a deal done?

    A verbal deal would be a 'Contact' under UK law. and could be pursued through the courts. But in most cases who would want the hassle and expense of trudging through the courts.
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    Drilling anyone?

    Plus the £5 premium if it makes Malting !!!
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    Drilling anyone?

    My trader is offering £33 less for barley against wheat at harvest !!!!
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    Second spring barley into barley volunteers

    This is the reason i have switched to growing catch crops instead of EFA cover crops, as it allows me to remove the cover from mid October if required (this year being a good example!!). I presume OP is growing non efa cover crop.
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    Ploughing new land - Besson 10 furrow set up

    I would use a flail or rotary mower to cut the grass and bush to make the ploughing operation easier. Is this an operation you could carry out when ground is frozen ??

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