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    County Council worry about Big Kit!

    On our lanes it is commuters refusing to understand that they are single track roads with passing places. They would rather go 10m past a passing place and then squeeze past on the verge, eventually the verges are first flat and level with the tarmac and then lower than the tarmac.
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    BBC news just said Beirut explosion was Ammonium Nitrate !!

    Would it need something other than AN? I thought that it aided rapid combustion of other products, eg diesel
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    Printer cartridges

    My old printer went wrong and is obsolete so I can't buy one the same. I have some HP 920 ink cartridges that are now surplus to requirement if they will help anyone out.
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    Private fire engine

    We use our 3000l water bowser with a honda pump. We have made a 1" nozzle and tap for the end of the suction/delivery hose. Often used for field fires and usually have made a start before the fire service arrive.
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    Barn Owls

    what direction is the box facing? I am wondering about the weather.
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    quadtrac tracks

    We have some twin track and quadtrac tracks
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    ELM Policy Discussion webinars

    They had failed to send me a link, I got it 25mins after the start having used the contact organiser option.
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    ELM Policy Discussion webinars

    I registered for the above, the one that started at 12pm today. I can't find out how to get into it! I received an email confirming it and it is in my list of Eventbrite tickets, when I follow the links there is a page that says "Online content for this event is only available to registered...
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    Non Agri Wreckers

    @chaffcutter Thats what I thought!
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    Non Agri Wreckers

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    Field IQ switching

    I've done that, we went through the various screens and the settings were as they would have expected.
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    Multi variety drilling

    I seem to recall a trial that found the seed was better not mixed really well, resulting in patches of mainly one variety rather than an even mix. we did this in the 70's and early 80's, unfortunately we did everything so never really had a comparison.
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    Mass tractor theft

    It's nice to know that there are still people out there who are obsevant enough to think that something may be amiss
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    Outback Truckers

    Then, after each break, there is a reminder of what you have just watched
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    My cat made a friend


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