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    Case maxxum 5120

    Have you tried the likes of Stan Briggs for a second hand set of steps or other parts ?
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    Case 4230 4WD

    The 30k 5130s definitely didn't have 4 wheel braking, many were converted to 40k with only the 40k gear set used & not the full kit. I will hold my hands up though & say I could be wrong on 4200 series as we sold very few of them 👐
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    Case 4230 4WD

    Basically no, not on a 4200 series, this function is only a requirement on 40k.
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    Bobcat Telehandler T2556 charging

    Hi guys, this is the serial number of the Bobcat T2556. Any information greatly received.
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    Bobcat Telehandler T2556 charging

    Thank you for the replies, I'll text my mate & get him to send me the serial number of the machine. It is a Perkins engine he said. I'll pass on any information you guys can share, appreciate it.
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    Bobcat Telehandler T2556 charging

    Hi guys, my mate is a self employed agricultural engineer & he is struggling with a charging fault on this 2008 Bobcat. Would anyone have a wiring diagram for the charging system on one of these machines please ? Basically it burnt out the old alternator, he fitted a new one but it wouldn't...
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    Claas dominator 106 settings

    It's mostly been covered but I'll just repeat it, are the drum & concave worn ? Is the concave badly bowed ? Are the drum rasp bars so worn they've become almost bald & are sharp ? Is the basic setting of the Drum/concave gapping right. Does the drum speed get up to 1500 rpm. Next is the...
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    class forager

    Of all the trailed Claas foragers we sold only one was an engine on version. It was a 60e if I remember correctly. Anyway, it had a Ford 120hp engine on it, a local farmer/contractor ran it for quite a few years & to be honest I can't recall too many major issues with it.
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    Stopping red fading

    This stuff works in restoring faded paint & will protect it for so long. There are though lots of products available now to protect paint. Ceramic being the hardest wearing, longest lasting although generally not cheap option.
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    Case stockman from an l cab to an xl

    You are going to give yourself a world of pain if you decide to go down this line. There are so many differences I couldn't begin to think of them all. Hydraulic linkages inside & outside the cab. Gear linkage Don't get me started on electrics, steering, fuel tanks etc. If you fancy an 895xl be...
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    Case 5130

    Hope these help 👍
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    Baling Machinery This group is for small conventional balers. There are a few extremely knowledgeable people in this group who will help.
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    Selector fork international 956xl ( Dave Shaw ) What has actually happened to the selector ?
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    Tractor servicing costs

    When I worked at main dealer, IH & CaseIH, plus Claas, we stocked recommend oils as well as a less expensive ( still good quality ) oils. Customers then had a choice of what they wanted to spend their hard earned cash on. Provided the non manufacturer branded oils were of a good quality & within...
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    recommend me a round baler please

    Another vote for a Claas Rollant 46, I worked on Claas kit & the R46 is probably the most simple, certainly the most reliable of Claas balers around that era, find a good one & you can't go far wrong. The earlier Rollant 44 isn't a bad baler either, it's just not as good a bet as a Rollant 46...