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    Kuhn fc283 lift control

    You should have your lift arms set so that the link pins are at 500mm from the ground when in the working position. I think from memory bed pressure should be about 90. Hope that helps a bit.
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    Kubota hay equipment?

    Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) of the Kubota fixed chamber balers ?
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    It’s all on grass, but I’m using full auto steer so width should be spot on.
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    Mmm, not sure. I don’t think it’s from the radar & I don’t have it linked to the Greenstar.
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    Thanks for your help gpcwm. As chae1 said I should probably get Kuhn involved through the dealer, as it is a new machine. Thanks Rs chunk. The acerage on the box is right, but obviously the kg spread is wrong as I’m setting it 10kg/ha less than it is actually spreading. Do you add on 0.2 even...
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    Thanks for your reply. It’s plugged into the little iso plug in the tractor. I measured 100m & the box counted the pulses while I was driving. The speed shown on the box matches the speed on the tractor display so I presume this is correct. Would you reduce the pulses on the box or increase them...
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    The dealer seemed to think it was to do with what I was spreading, which is not the case as it’s doing it with all the different types of stuff I have spread. Plus each kind of fertiliser was run through the machine, weighed & a flow factor calculated. I will push the dealer to contact Kuhn. I...
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    Kuhn axis 30.2 Q

    Hi I have a new 30.2 Q spreader. When I set the application rate to exactly what I want, it is constantly over dosing. If I cut the rate on the box by 10 kg/ha it works out about right. I have calibrated the flow factor for each type of fertiliser used. I have spread around 1000 acres with it...
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    Dimond fertiliser settings

    Hi We’ve just had a delivery of Dimond 27-6-6 fertiliser and I was wondering if anyone has settings for a Kuhn Axis 30.2 spreader.