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    New Zealand lamb

    It would be useful if we had a few definitive comments from the meat trade, as too how their trade has been affected with the threat of Brexit, also some real feed back as to the main spec they want/can sell best, instead of leaving it to AHDB to give a message that farmers don't really want to...
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    Performance recored rams

    Yes and ironically I never sold a ram out of my pen at Builth that yr, all qualified for the grant and no Fatty panters, but then I do come from over the water.:cry:
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    Performance recored rams

    I can only suggest that since rebasing , a lot of sheep have been shown up for what they have always been, plain frames at killing wt, this is not entirely the fault of ram breeders, while your commercial man rewards the man with the biggest sale ram, it's simple growth curves 100kg plus...
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    Performance recored rams

    I would agree, I suppose what in reality has been observed is the use and chasing of an end index for advertising/sale purposes rather than a simple assessment of a rams genetic ability in certain traits, not much different to who has the biggest bank balance at Lanark or who has the biggest ram...
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    Performance recored rams

    As far as I know, unless it has been changed,, they are all weighted as if they were born and reared on a 3rd crop ewe, however I found that if you knocked 100 pts off their index then that was about right (pre re basing) If you are in a breed that is both numerous and genetically linked...
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    Enzovax Toxovax.

    just out of interest, have you had Campylobacter diagnosed or just wondering, case of if all else fails?
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    Texel tup going blind

    Sounds like pink eye, as an aside we always used to get an odd ewe in winter snowy day etc going blind, but the last few years we have had a bit of a problem just about now, I did wonder if it had anything to do with the huge amounts of sewage sludge being incorporated on our neighbours fields...
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    Ash die-back

    Yes agreed, the majority of our trees are ash, and most have been shedding limbs for a while now, going to look very different.
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    Performance recored rams

    Possibly, the problem is finding sheep with really good muscling through their tops, and unfortunately in general the unrecorded stock, from folk who don't really care so long as its at 12 o'clock on sale day, would in my long and somewhat tortuous experience be well below par, whereas the...
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    Performance recored rams

    Me too, however I haven't found what I in theory needed this year, so have had to hit the blind path, also bought some oven gloves. (I will be using the senior ram who's in top 1% for loin depth/width/length over as many as he can manage though) oh and as a bonus he actually looks like a Texel;)
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    Performance recored rams

    That's the draw back with recording, if your truthful your going to get some that are not so good, especially if you are using some non recorded stock , which might have physical attributes you want /need, so why bother and advertise the fact they are below av on paper, when there is no...
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    Performance recored rams

    As a Seller I sadly agree with @Ysgythan , very little interest, very little interest in ram compare results, lots of interest in trimmed sheep, trimmed Texel ring at Builth,:banghead: but that said I buy some non recorded stock tups and almost always they have had lower growth rates and muscle...
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    Growing rams to sell as shearlings?

    Well there's a question, if you are just starting and therefore have to sell through the ring until you've built up some regular trade, then I hate to say it, but you probably will have to get your head around feeding, I say that after 30 yrs of trying to sell grass fed tups to folk who just...
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    Laryngeal chondrites, The first I ever saw was in a Suffolk tup long before I had seen or heard of Texels, As I understand it ,mostly due to the underlying length and tissue placement of the neck , so if a tup carries extra fat or maturity/masculinity plus a comparatively short neck he becomes...
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    Yes afraid so, I have had a reasonable run lately, but until it is taken seriously as an issue within the higher echelons, it will continue to crop up, at least we can report his no to the society who are building up a genetic picture, but who will admit to having had one?

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