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    Has anybody had any dealings with this company.

    Thinking of purchasing an item from them,
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    Eastern Massey Dealers of the Past.

    Oliver Rix Ltd, Sculthorpe was formed in in 1862 after being bought from James Blackett a wagon builder and iron founder in 1891 Oliver Rix bought the company in 1862 and carried on until his death in 1933, it then continued to trade under Archie Filby his nephew, selling M-F and all makes of...
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    Eastern Massey Dealers of the Past.

    Re John Riches Ltd Wrentham , the reps were Michael Parr, Richard Newey and branch manager Kenny Alexander who with Michael Par later formed Waveney Tractors
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    Forgotten names

    A few old Norfolk companies……. Hill & Osborne JD * Oliver Rix Ltd Norwich & Sculthorpe (Sculthorpe oldest machinery selling site in Norfolk today) now TNS Larkman & Sons M-F John Riches (Agricultural)Ltd, M-F JJ Wright & Son FORD Cowies Eastern Tractors M-F Wigg & Plowright...