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    The Roysl Three Counties Show Malvern

    Generally plenty of hospitality around the shows for a free coffee, we had coffee and biscuits with JJ Farm Services at Malvern, Marshall and Wynnstay were at the Royal Welsh last time we went, failing that, take a picnic?
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    DEFRA PPP form

    I just multiplied the arable cropped ha x 10. Don’t do much grassland spraying so didn’t include it. It says an estimated figure is ok
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    Register as a user of professional plant protection products (PPPs) and adjuvants

    Do you have to have the sticker?
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    Massy 5455 dyno 4

    As long as you put the handbrake on....
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    Hay making 2022

    Thats why I gave up growing winter barley
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    12v Air Con fan for Old Tractor

    Depends where the leak is. Job 1/2 done if the compressor and condenser are already there, fit an all in one evaporator/fan in the roof, connect with new flexi pipes, vac and gas and cool days!
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    12v Air Con fan for Old Tractor

    Needs to be fitted up high if you ask me, cold air doing what it does, unless the outlets are piped up to head height. I have a unit like @Colliedog fitted, very cold cab now.
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    Vicon rf2235 net problems

    Has it been working this season, and now not? Knife seized?
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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    I agree, but what is the broken off rubber bit for?
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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    Morning all, in between jobs I’v started to look at the issues the Berthoud has, and it ‘aint started well. Removed the broken gauge and as you can see from the photos, something has come adrift. Looks like a piece of rubber, the diameter of a pencil, has broken off somewhere. Anyone have any...
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    Dairy Farm For Sale

    Article in FW a while back, 40ha farm carrying 180 cows and 170 followers. Thought it was a typo.
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    Vicon RF124

    Is the knife going in?
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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    What is the situation with a sprayer test/MOT, from what I’ve read, a new sprayer needs testing before 5yr old, then every 3yr, but s/h sprayers from a dealer come with a 12mth ticket?
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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    Bit over the budget ☹️
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    Berthoud repair or new sprayer

    Possible. Is the rubber bung MOT passable?