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    Amazone Cayena wings modification

    Dealer said they have had 3 modified and none had cracks. Ours is a 2019 twin hopper but hardly used because of very wet conditions the last 2 autumn's. About 500ac altogether. Limiting factor is the rubber roller but we like the drill. Maybe the addition of the front disc's more recently has...
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    Amazone Cayena wings modification

    Had ours done a few days ago. The long support/strenghthening bracket on the rear hinges is replicated to the front hinges. Fabricaters turned up with a kit including a tin of green paint and made a good job. Extra shims are put in to stop the new welded brackets, when folded, hitting the tank...
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    SFI Pilot payments

    2 payments recieved, started in November
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    Your current weather.

    4mm last night....not enough 15mm for May so far 130mm this year
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Thats what we were quoted yesterday. Normally buy a couple of lorry loads.... Will be having a 2 year phosphate holiday! Generally replace what we take off for phosphate. Most fields at inex 2 so there's some there if we can get it released!
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    DAP price yesterday, £1140/t Reckoned its dropping £100 shortly:(
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    I'll answer my own question. DAP £778/t Urea £718/t
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    New Cambridge Rolls

    Got some Twose 12.3m, 22", with breaker rings pulled with a JD6520(115hp). Got a couple of steep bits but manage ok on 650 tyres. Got the reverseing to unfold mechanism which is not the best idea
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Any DAP prices? Decided to have a phosphate holiday some time ago but thought it maybe worth a revisit Thanks
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    EPCs 😒

    Listed buildings are looked at differentlly and less stringent
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    JD 6215R v Case CVX240 weight

    Cheers for that. Front linkage is standard. 2x300kg wheel weights? Looks like about 1t to come off. Just under 9t maybe. A lot more than the brochure 7.3t. Case are the ones using shipping weights as the JD6215R is 8.5t in their specs
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Hard feed £212.50 Feb
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    JD 6215R v Case CVX240 weight

    Has anyone put a Case CVX240 over a weigh bridge? Trying to compare to a JD 6215R which according to the brochure is 8.5t but the Case claims 7.3t. Lots of varibles here such as weights, fuel ect and shipping weight varies to operating weight Case is similar dimensions with 25hp extra and its...
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    Blenky resigns?

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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    3 merchants rang today to ask if we need fert as they have some available! Its beggining to ease a bit