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    Boris Is Toast

    Indeed, this old story appears, just a few days after your Prince commented on the Rwanda farce. Pure coincidence I'm sure.
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    Boris Is Toast

    I suspect Boris's grubby little trotters are all over this story.
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    Tiverton and Honiton by-election

    Only true believers need apply. You are either with us or against us. The disunited kingdom.
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    The NI/ROI Protocol

    I take it she is not a fan of Frost.
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    Brexit is destroying Britain

    Wow :eek:
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    Brexit is destroying Britain

    Britain’s growth to be slowest in developed world, OECD warns new The OECD’s Laurence Boone said the UK faced a killer combination of high inflation, rising interest rates and higher taxes ANDREAS ARNOLD/GETTY IMAGES Mehreen Khan , Economics Editor Wednesday June 08 2022, 11.15am BST, The...
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    Brexit is destroying Britain
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    Replacing front tyres only

    This is the best way of doing it for now, but you will be trouble if you replace the rears when the slightly "smaller" fronts are part worn. But definitely avoid brands with higher Rolling Circumferences like Firestone Performers, if only replacing half a set.
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    Guy Smiths steps down from Red Tractor

    "The first item on the agenda of any orginisation should be the split". From the outside, it seems the UK is taking this to heart over the last decade.
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    Tractor Choice for Slopes

    To get any sort of choice of secondhand Lindners, Austria or Germany would be the way to go, but if you really are looking for hill tractors they are a step above.
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    Tractor Choice for Slopes
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    Boris Is Toast The toaster seems to be on the blink, but there is a decided whiff of burning blonde hair now. A cat would be jealous.
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    Boris Is Toast

    Absolutely. But if your benchmark is that he is slightly better than Corbyn, it is poor look out for Britain.
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    Boris Is Toast

    Has every former boss of Boris now come out and said he is unfit to hold high office?
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    Cwt to kgs

    How many Sq Yards in a Sq Chain? Was it 484?? 22x22? Or a fraction over 20Mx20M from memory 80 sugar beet seedling in a chain use to be the aim. It was an overly complicated system designed to protect those in good paying jobs from the great unwashed, similar to the Latin Mass.