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    650/65R42 & 540/65R30

    Have you tried ? have a few sets on there.
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    Grain pads - alternatives to concrete?

    Did you see the add by mudcontrol ltd page 74 of farmers guide? They are making interlocking slabs of plastic. No idea if any good but they are advertising what you want.
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    Opico Grain Drier Settings

    I chased him up last week about some bits and he said he was on honeymoon. I would try next week.
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    Barth k140 mk3

    Bit hard to see condition from that one picture would hazard a guess at 5-10k. We have a wheeled version in good condition we think it is worth 10-15k. You might find a collector who would offer you a lot more (y)
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Rad screen is in shed I ordered the replacement glass should be here today ready for putting the bob on. 👍
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Cut a bit of grass yesterday.
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    John Deere 9560

    Have you tried ringin a long term Case IH dealer like startin tractors? They might be able to help my guess on green one would be electric side knife no idea on yellow one.
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    Green star not working since update

    Look on for update I couldnt find it on was
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    RPA appeal

    Dont know how to write this without offending you which is not what I am trying to do but it Sounds like you could do with some support lots of helpfull people to speak to above.
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    RPA appeal

    Really sad to hear you have had to make such a hard decision. Hope whatever you turn to next works out better for you.
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    Horsch 4ST ridging

    My drill is the same as psq but discs ok so far.
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    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    I am afraid I could not find a part number on them heres a few pics. I would recomend speaking to Alan at tuckwells Maulden he would be able to find the part number, problem is hes sheltering at moment.
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    Muller trac guide 2

    Sorry I was assuming your spreader is isobus and your plugging it into the trackleader basic tractor wiring loom isobus socket. If your wanting to use serial out to the amatron3 box then this is what the manual says for amatron 3 software version 1.09.00 it will provide target rate but not...
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    Muller trac guide 2

    Yes it should according to aef database. You will need the unlocks on tracguide though. I know nothing about amazone spreaders whether you need a unlock for the spreader etc. I run my kuhn spreader section control through a tracguide2 works well, easy to use etc. What unlocks you got on screen?
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    In furrow ploughing on 710s

    Yes I will try to remember to have a look tomorrow see if I can get a part number for you.