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    4 x 265/60 18 Bridgestone Dueller tyres

    As the title suggest, 4 x 265/60 18 Bridgestone dueller tyres for sale. Taken off my pickup at 10k miles with plenty of tread left on them. Looking for £100 collection. based in Nottinghamshire
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    North Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas (due to retirement) - Foxing

    I’m not sure if anyone has secured permission off here, but here we go… I have had a long standing permission which is unfortunately up for sale at the moment (due my farmer friend retiring and relocating), and sadly that means there is no guarantee of being able to stay on. So I am reaching...
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    Fox and Rabbit Management - Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire

    I am looking for some more fox and rabbit management opportunities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. If you have sheeps close to lambing, pigs attracting vermin, game birds vanishing, or rabbits destroying your hedge walls or crops then I can help. I am experienced and effective, insured, and...
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    I realise the masses that can read these forums, I already work with a number of farmers hence have a degree of knowledge of the process. The same principle can be applied to cormorants and heron on fisheries... and if you really want to rock the boat birds of prey on moorlands. Protection is...
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    I’m surprised a little that it is such a taboo subject on an agricultural forum. There are companies that advertised pest and vermin control service publicly, the are business that advertised sporting opportunities publicly which is just for fun, not for preservation of livelihood. Admin can...
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    It would seem a little odd to have a permission and shooting section of the forum, if you can’t discuss the topic within the legal framework that exists.
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    To a certain extent yes, the trial areas have proven successful, regardless of the anti retort. The EOI and application process is relatively straight forwards to. If the topic genuinely interests you then it is worth reading all the consultation documentation and responses as well. Some of...
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    Always worth having a read of the below if anyone is unaware:-
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    Legally, with a Natural England granted license to do so. Are you seriously on a farming forum, yet are unaware of such a topic in the community?
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    Discreet Thermal Fox and Badger Control

    Hi, I live in Nottinghamshire, and can also travel to Derbyshire, Leicestershire, South Yorkshire, parts of Cheshire and Staffordshire. I can support with Natural England applications for the culling of Badgers in high risk and new low risk TB areas. I use thermal equipment to discretely...
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    Deer Stalking Lease / Management / Thermal Counting

    I am primarily looking for a paid deer stalking lease in Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire / Leicestershire/ South Yorkshire. I am a mature and sensible individual, qualified in deer Management and fully insured. Having been honest above... I would also be interested in opportunities to help...
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    Looking For Work Voluntary Deer Management / predator control & livestock protection

    Hi, I am looking for any volunteer opportunities to support with deer Management activities Nottinghamshire / Leicestershire / Lincolnshire / Derbyshire. I am qualified (in deer Management), fully insured (for volunteer work) and experienced in many aspects of wildlife management. I am vetted...
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    Shooting Permission - Livestock Protection, crop protection, deer management

    I am a qualified, fully insured and experienced hunter looking for additional land permissions to pursue my hobby and passion. I operate professionally and discretely in the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire / Leicestershire / Lincolnshire regions. I started out like most on pigeons and corvids...
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    North Nottinghamshire Shooting?

    Hi Clearly these sort of posts get a mixed reception on here, which is only to be expected. I equally get frustrated by people knocking on my door trying to get me to sign up to stuff too. This is partly why I have been looking for alternative methods of communication other than driving down a...