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    Today at work

    Another day, another job, shed is available if anyone interested.
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    Horsch Co6

    Co 6 for sale tomorrow, Hobbs and Parker Kent,
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    Today at work

    Cheap labour I presume, I know of other Brick built stores,
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    Today at work

    In time, it’s brick built grain bins,
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    Today at work

    Finished, another happy customer.
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    Biggest plough for a Massey Ferguson 6715s

    Would this suit,
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    Today at work

    Be careful loading a shed like that, have seen large steel framed Building have sides pushed out, and yes I mean the posts moved,
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    Today at work

    One more day to finish, Frame would make good drier canopy, available if anyone interested, Be quick or will go in the scrap bin, loop loop
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    Prime Minister pledges to protect 30% of land by 2030

    Compensation for Hs2, a lorry park in Kent and 1.5 million homes, Can’t believe the same Mp’s make Contradicting decisions,
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    Grain dryer - donkey engine?

    Massey combine I think
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    DDM ,,Crowle ,,Scunthorpe

    Most sales are making good money at moment, Covid to blame by all accounts, dealers have lack of stock, But look at their website’s you wouldn’t think so,
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    Grain dryer - donkey engine?

    Customer has V8 for sale
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    Grain dryers

    A few more pictures Pop l
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    Today at work

    Bit more done, couple more days to finish
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    oh yes they can, Opened a trap door to look at Grain elevators, Was met with an abundance of Rats coming up the near vertical handrail, which was round steel tube approx 40 mm in dia, Admittedly store had been redundant for a while with plenty of grain lying about,

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