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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    Super thanks, will make a few calls on Monday. Sounds like getting a fieldsman to farm is the way and he can assess them. Many thanks 👍
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    I want to sell deadweight! But everyone is saying will get torn a new one. I can't really understand it as the carcasses will be 18/19kg average. But perhaps absolutely smashed on the grid? I don't understand it. Seems a shame when the eating quality is superb. But if it's a big dock because of...
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    Good prices, not for me as the breeds a bit unusual, they have their balls and I want to know a) they are going to be killed and b) where they are going to be killed. I personally couldn't have my lambs ending up at a non-stun place. @Tim W I will be in touch if that's an offer 😳🤞 @lloyd you...
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    Thanks very much indeed couldn't have asked for more. Will do exactly that. My breed is a bit unusual so will be a bit of a step in the dark with respect to the grid. Will just have to give it a try, the way prices are hopefully this is a good a time as any.
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    Selling lambs deadweight, how does it work?

    I've about 150 lambs, and have always sold them via box sales... However with lamb prices the way they are I'm thinking I might be as well to sell a lot of them deadweight. But I've never done this before and have some questions I'm near Frome but I don't want to send them to the market. How...
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    Ewe nuts

    Right, I've fallen into the trap of just looking at the headlines and price. These four are ones I've fed. Aside from one being a 16% nut one an 18% (this is theand the other two 17% is there much to split them, and which is the pick of the litter
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    'Shine' lamb milk powder

    Spot the difference! Now with Pro Zest
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    I have a lot of smaller breed lambs which are organic, always direct sell them in lamb boxes but if the prices are reasonable would be open to selling them deadweight as I have plenty left. 15-19kg carcass weight, but this is for private sales so not sure about the trimming everyone on here...
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    I think it works well if you connect through a third party software. In my case NLMD from shearwell, it then communicates and works a treat. Probably most of the credit to shearwell
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    Possible toxoplasmosis

    Not year to year no, your question was is it self sustaining in sheep after establishment without cats and answer is no it needs cats. But as per previous within a lambing season if a ewe or a human for that matter gets fluids then always a chance, although very close to lambing it doesn't have...
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    Possible toxoplasmosis

    No, it requires cats. But how can you guarantee no cats cross your fields or any fodder the number of Toxo oocysts in a single dropping would be enough to infect hundreds of sheep, and cats roam miles. Lottery game in my opinion. I'd vaccinate any replacements tbh. If it is Toxo and you took on...
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    Are the RPA incentivised to withhold payments due?

    Update on the update, my YF payment showing up for Monday. But the payment is only about 60% of what it should be... Ie it's 17% of my (pretty small) claim value not 25% top-up which is what it should be. So new query will be going in on Monday! Very frustrating!!!
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    'Shine' lamb milk powder

    I've already been feeding it, can't notice a difference tbh. Still as easy mixing and the lambs doing well. The bag is v slightly different as I had a couple left from last year. But I'd have not noticed if wasn't for this thread as is v similar
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    Guinea fowl

    Ear defenders 🤣
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    Twin lamb disease ewe struggling stand

    Thanks guys, last night I was thinking could it be a dislocation but no major trauma that I am aware of and it seems to be alternate legs that crosses over at the back. Nerve damage makes a lot of sense... Never had it before. I've got metacam and have been giving it to her. Very perky but not...

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