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    Fishing rights renegotiation

    Yes but you are in Suffolk and this river is in Devon they are not really that comparable.
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    Fishing rights renegotiation

    No way. Not true. Please read thread.
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    You can't read too much into one month milk price, certainly don't think DF struggling. Results seemed solid. Covid is exceptional times and will impact everyone a bit different depending on product mix. With the advantage of looking back, the Lacpatrick and the Fane Valley deal both looking...
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    When you look at the GDT it shows SMP and WMP at nearly 5 year highs. Ok butters back a bit but still good prices when considered historically. When you go back a few years the £ to $ was also a lot stronger. Why are the...
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    Best Injector for Toxovax?

    Alamycin LA300, as they came onto the farm with pinkeye. Then a second wave hit so followed up with treating individuals again with Ala on Vets advice. So that's what caused these abscesses. (As an aside following further recurrence, Vet did further deeper investigation, it actually turned out...
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    Best Injector for Toxovax?

    I couldn't get any sterimatic over the lockdown as they were cleared out at mole valley, and so I had to use needles for IM injection. Sheep were dry and used a new needle about every 10 lambs. Now they are being killed for my boxes, so I get a full report back, and quite a few have abscesses.
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    Best Injector for Toxovax?

    Do you not get abscesses?
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    Fishing rights renegotiation

    Serious pub talk there @Goweresque . Good luck with the negotiation @Jimfandango As I said previously £450 is probably about the mark. You might want to look up the west country fishing passport scheme, fishpass. Looking about £6/rod a day on the ottery and good luck getting one every day the...
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    Fishing rights renegotiation

    My local fishing club leases 3 miles of wild brown trout fishing small stream for £1,000+VAT year, and that is both banks. This is in Somerset. I looked at the river ottery and not knowing how close you are to the headwaters it looks a small river. I suspect you can negotiate a rent increase...
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    New properties electric supplies, kVas and ASHP

    Hi guys hoping you can help! I have 4 class q conversion barns and I really would like to heat them with ASHP I have a grid quotation but its subject to loading, which I didn't have at the time. For the smallest it is looking like 8.5kW (100sqm) think the heat pumps might push it over, and then...
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    Bloody scours

    Electrolyte solution such as lifeaid surely if cutting out milk?
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    Moving a transformer and overhead cables - whose responsibility?

    This is exactly what I want to do, move transformer (existing) back a pole and going u/g. But informally they are talking £20k!! And that is with me digging the trench. I might try terminating the wayleave and see if that influences them..
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    Exlana sheep... thinking about a change

    @Tim W is the man, hugely knowledgeable about all things sheep and a nice guy. All breeds have pluses and minuses, good examples and bad examples. What I would say is Exlana's are culled hard for the right reasons, so as a rule they will have a better average than a breed that isn't selected...
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    Hampshire Down- tell me about them

    Someone trying to sell a couple of these tups on Facebook today, they were about the size of a bloody horse!!
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    Electric Pylon wayleave property compensation

    Cheeky little bump, would love to know anyone else experience or any advise on this, thanks!

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