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    Has anyone heard about Novag drills?

    Spoke with one of the owners of Novag yesterday and he was not concerned about patent infringements.
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    Sly no till drill

    I am not the full quid on this matter but ask Dick Freisan from Pillar Lasers he is.
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    Sly no till drill

    Hugh Barton owns the patent on compound angle disc seeder
  4. Gregory Mac

    Sly no till drill

    Sly are good at pinching ideas ask Sam Moore, and I reckon Hugh Barton will be on to them too.
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    Buckwheat brought to harvest??

    There is a grain merchant in Tasmania that has a contract to supply Buck Wheat into Japan annually. It needs windrowing as the straw remains wet. Gross margins are quite good.
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    Sulphate of potash

    I thought this new sulphate of potash mine was in Australia
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    Water infiltration 10 year no till vs vertical tillage

    A group of eight farmers including myself have arrived back from the USA today after a seven day visit. We spent three days at KSU who have a very large student group.After talking with soil scientists they are having problems after fertilising in the autumn their nitrogen is polluting the river...
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    Will DD work for me?

    That is if you don't want to drill in heavy trash, then you need a disc drill.
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    Should the purchase of a new direct drill be grant funded?

    Last financial year the Australian Government offered 15% rebate to anybody purchasing a No-till drill, the offer has now ended. The drill pictured in my avatar complied.
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    Air Drill "seed pipes vents"

    Seed-Vu Victoria, google this, have good reports.
  11. Gregory Mac

    Tom Sewell's Nufield report

    This is some of the best stuff I have read particularly the Nuffield report from you Poms since Churchill
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    John dale eco 3

    They are identical to mine. I believe I recognise that machine, belonging to Ben Tait NZ.Ben built his own machine as I have done.
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    John dale eco 3

    dka, I have a 3 bin cart and have been sowing 140 kg/ha wheat mixed with 150 kg/ha DAP today. The products are mixed in the same tube. Bourgault have a side band AHP (Anti Hair Pin) sowing boot similar to Pillar Lasers, this set up requires another feeding system as you can see from the...
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    Soil debate at cereals?

    Bet he said the plough is the invention of the devil.
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    John dale eco 3

    These are 3710 Bourgault openers.

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