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    Got an mc130 and had pump and injectors replaced at 5500 hrs, apart from that ,excellent loader tractor.
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    Morrisons price cut.

    So just watched an ad where Morrisons are cutting the price on 500 products.seeing everything is going up in price at the moment does this prove that they're robbing b******s same as everybody else.
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    Fuel price tracker

    105 red, ford fuels.
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    finished ploughing for beans.
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    Adding cement to a lane way

    Reads or Goulding's round here, had reads do our drive20 years ago and still holding up, if a pothole develops just clean it out dry and put a strong mix in, think it was guaranteed for 10 years.
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    If I have those they will probably get seized by the authorities 😆
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    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    Think I'll order a load of nitram tomorrow, don't think I'll have to worry about the invoice!
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    just repaired prop carrier bearing, don't know if I'll trust it to move sheep Wednesday!
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    Red Tractor rotten turkeys

    I expect the birds were killed mid/late November and then gas flushed, if there's the slightest leak in the packaging the gas leaks out and the bird rots, even when refrigerated, seen it a lot years ago on Hungarian turkeys bought in to make up any shortfalls on orders.
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    New toy day

    Just got the v5 back, ideal on the chopper.
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    Grizzly WTF is it for?

    Local contractor used to run one with a reverse drive forager on with a 4 row Kemper cutting maize, was interesting to watch but did do the job.
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    I remember when.............

    I thought it was gerald vennel.
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    2.8 litre Hilux auto or manual

    AUTO, its easy🤗
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    Mxm 175 pro

    Never had a problem and it was on a baler all summer so plenty of dust. Sold it a few years back.
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    Mxm 175 pro

    Never had any trouble with pump, just as well, no fitters I knew understood it, think common rail came in not long after so probably not developed properly.