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    Highland show tickets, online.

    Yes that's the one.
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    Highland show tickets, online.

    I take my hat off to the reps on most of the stands,i would have had enough by the end of thursday let alone 4 days of it,i mean how many times can you speak about the weather,price of fert ,folk coming onto your stand slagging of your product etc,i certainly wouldn't swap places.Was down on...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    You've made me feel better,my average is now £260 for first 5t/ha, won't be a good feeling loading the ones at £170/t!
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    New toy day

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    Lots of veg growers packing up

    The irony in that is Morrisons don't actually pay the grower for wonky veg certainly in potatoes,there are outgrades and grower gets deductions for these,I remember going into our local Asda a few years back when we supplied them,1kg/£1 baby potatoes with my name on the bag,they only pay me for...
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    Cheffins Unsold lots can't see prices

    Strangely enough I have just tried on my phone and it's working,looks like it must be down to the browser right enough.
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    Cheffins Unsold lots can't see prices

    Same as you,no prices showing here either,even when logged in.
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    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan

    Never noticed the bit about the era of cheap food being over,did see a few times about the need for keeping food affordable,which I would think means bend over and brace yourself,same old same,supermarkets will still dictate whether or not we are aloud a profit.
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    Cordless strimmers

    Milwaukee here,it's ok but bought 12A battery for it and it melted the terminals first time out,needs a rest every 5mins or so to let it cool down if working hard,have 12a and three 5a batteries which will last around 30-45mins working hard.
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    State of your crops -2022

    Our steepest field,bit shallow in bits,had a fair grazing by deer over winter. Skyscraper
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    Kuhn plough furrow discs

    Pair here,came off a 153
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Being bid £275 for feed barley at harvest
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    500t grain store, current cost

    Had been expecting around £150k all in,put off for now as was hoping for price to come back, doesn't look like that will be happening in a hurry though.
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    500t grain store, current cost

    Panels to 4m, 1500t capacity.
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    500t grain store, current cost

    Have a price in front of me for 100ftx80ftx21ft,2 roller doors,concrete panels,floor and 2 aprons. No change out of £200k