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    Well just had a 2 course meal for 2 total cost 20p ( butter in the spuds, and cream for the horse radish) and all the rest grown here It’s the amount off junk food and fast food brought as they don’t know how to cook. The few times I brought a takeaway the food was over priced junk A...
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    I am thinking of buying a second hand self propelled low ground pressure sprayer

    Was looking at a rb25 and phoned Bateman for axel weights and they did not know so thank you Did the same with My old 1996 gem sapphire 2500 with 3000lt ( internal wash tank removed giving 2700lt and a 300lt external wash tank) 9060kg total with a front weight of 4280kg and rear axel of 4760kg...
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    Best headstock for telehandlers?

    Have pin and cone on a 3cx thanks to @holwellcourtfarm and he has one on his and it transformed the 3cx I don’t get why jcb made the q fit and not stick with the Euro shovel hitch as they so close It’s all they had in Sweden was the euro hitch on the handlers when we were there
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    Can they do both round and square bales
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    Ring spanners

    Have the sealey set and they are regular my go to spanner’s
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    I am thinking of buying a second hand self propelled low ground pressure sprayer

    I recon a small hydro sp on 600 vf will go just about Any were our problem is the hills ps looking for a new to me Sp sprayer as Mine got written off this year.
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    Accuracy of Davis weather station “rainfall” measured?

    Have a Pessl and find it very good and has far more flexibility than a Davis
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    Grain color sorter

    Some can be run as a shape sorter as well
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    Breaking Massey 690 series?? - front wheel rim

    I got a new 18” rim for the 3cx yesterday for 110 so I would not worry about a new one
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    Today at work

    Hope you not running the legs behind the tyres as you do more harm than good long term if they are going to rundown the same tyre tracks all the time
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    New toy day

    No it is handy without any doors and they cannot get dirty and she lives inside all year How you hunting for a Deere loader going what making you go away from a 3cx
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    Water Main Cost per M?

    If it’s 90% domestic then I would consider staying with mains as it’s less hassle. For us our mains is very soft but ground water hard out off a local bore hole so will stay with mains for some jobs in houses and will add bore for loos etc as time goes on and refit the houses as we are aloud...
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    Water Main Cost per M?

    We are In a simular with 650m run from the meter it 32mm ( 400m) and 3/4 (250m ) with 2 big houses and large farm yard 340 head off beef cattle housed all year. I was going to go to 50mm but a bore hole is coming in at 6000 plus’s pipe and cable so about 9000 all in going to try this but will...
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    New toy day

    Old jcb meets new It’s the first new big bit off kit I have brought for the farm But it’s is attachment number 10 and the digger is 1988 and still dose min 500hrs a year and up to 10000tonnes moved per year.
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    Farm consumables online

    I spend half a day on the road every so often and can get a lot done in a few hours getting supplies. I have a shopping list on the phone So if you running low you add It to the list

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