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    New car garage

    Tha Put the 2 post in the workshop as you use it on the farm quite a bit for trailers etc
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    Sprayer boom widths

    at 36m with 650 you have 3.61% of the tramline is width is wheeling 24m with 650 it is 5.4%
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    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    What are the prices of uan and uas liquid fertiliser at the minute
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    Cable size for motor

    would a 16amp plug not do the job
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    Bales spikes

    They are not deer to make if you handy with a welder also what size bales do you work with
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    What % of U.K. farmers are TFF members ?????

    Did you count the boss @Mrs Holwell
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    quick fixes, bodges and creations

    They look like they are part of a horse jump pole cups holders
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    MCB circuit breaker

    What do you need it for as you can get different trip curve that are that are better for motors etc but the same current
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    Tractor plastic fuel tank hole (Kub M7)

    it will be able to be plastic welded probably
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    New gateway onto road

    Coppice the hedge and dont let it regrow In the bit we’re the gate is to be
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    Heavy duty chain topper/swipe

    It need a friction clutch
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    Heavy duty chain topper/swipe

    Can you name the make as age is catching up with ours and looking to replace it soon
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    What does Red Tractor cost you in cash terms?

    waste docket is a pain as costs lots as they want it done every year as we will have under a wheelie bin a year of rubbish a year
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    Fuel price tracker

    Red 49.5+vat 5000 lt on Monday white 96+vat kero 33.9
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    whit there stacking it amazing it made it to Dundee just about and no more I have always wondered what there vosa records are like with there loads