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    Grammar seat air bag

    Can you replace the airbag in the seat with it institchu or do you need to take it out of the tractor and where the best place to get one?
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    Winter Barley yields 2021

    What combine are you using?
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    Mf error code

    I'll try sim in phone and see what happens thank for help so far
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    Mf error code

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    Mf error code

    New tractor to me
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    Mf error code

    It's on rtk
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    Mf error code

    That could be a point I've had a dodgy earth on his tractor so screen may have you know what settings should be on datatronic screen
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    Mf error code

    It's Massey's topcon system rtx. It keeps saying GPS signal not strong enough to engage auto steer it seems to be showing satellite on the screen
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    Mf error code

    Can anyone throw any light on this what may be causing it
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    Auto guide 3000

    Does anyone know what error code 15 means thanks
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    Can anyone tell me how to calibrate the transmission on a Dyna 6? Thanks
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    Mobile sheep dipping

    Looking for mobile sheep deeper to do my sheep based in Herefordshir e. Any one know of anyone?
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    Post emergence potato spray

    Jade praxim gosi will be going on taurus. Can see me going till the end of next then they just be up.
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    Post emergence potato spray

    Struggling to get on the ground its so wet to put on my pre-emergent potato spray wondering what people when using a post emergence
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    Add blue storage

    Got farm inspection coming up does AdBlue in IBC need to be stored in bunded area?