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    Oilseed Rape Pollination

    Has anyone considered hiring a beekeeper for pollination now oilseed rape is a decent trade?Anyone already doing it?
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    No prospect of food shortages

    Government says “food is not a public good you already get paid for it” Government says “no food shortages” Listen to them People don’t throw to much expensive fert on producing yield this year. Save some for next year you might not be able to get it.Can’t see this conflict ending anytime soon...
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    Wool...what will you do with yours...

    Call me hopeful but with oil shooting up in price, wool should track it man made fibres are getting dearer so wool should begin to look like an attractive alternative
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    Ticks . . . in December

    Dysecting moor ewes Monday before turn out after tupping.All moor ewes get 5 tick treatments per year here
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    Getting ewes smaller

    A Swale would drop mature size and keep all the mothering instincts and lambing ease as a one off cross. Might look a bit funny for the first couple of crosses but as you get back towards puréed Romney the horns will disappear. Depends if you can live with the looks
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    Side discharge bale feeder

    Think one the Irish unrollers comes with an optional weight system if you want more accuracy when feeding out. I run a Wessex and it is cheaper but not as well built as the hustler. Feed ewes outside with ours means we can have big batches without endless feeders downside is they are to feed...
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    Slatts, am I mad!

    You could buy a big lump of arable land for yourself to secure the straw for the future and the land will likely appreciate were as shed will depreciate Land more versatile than slatted shed just work out how many acres you need to secure the amount of straw you need 😉
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    Recording Hill Ewes

    Just walk up and scan them
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    In a state of shock over the BBC and trees

    If trees where made into charcoal then spread on the land then carbon could be locked away in soils while adding in a soil conditioner possibly and reverting it back to agricultural use much like Amazonian slash and burn policy. I understand charcoal is quite stable in soil and is good for soil...
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    Concentrate Price Tracker

    What are feed oats ex farm was thinking about feeding ewes some this winter
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    Combinables Price Tracker

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    Combinables Price Tracker

    What price is feed oats at the minute not full wagon loads but part loads
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    Dalesbred or swaledale ewes

    There are Swales and Swales sold plenty of full mouthed 6 crop ewes for breeding. With regards milkyness they seem to do lambs well there are always exceptions but I find having smaller ewes(ours tend to be around 50kg mark) they are more efficient. Can keep more to the acre and rear there own...
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    Toxovax and Enzovax Prices

    Dropped on some toxovac in stock at a vets that had 3 days left on date (only rang for a price) Reckoned I got it at cost at £4.50 (50 doses) Cevac was £1.83 from same vets. Thought it was on a right do til a rep from another vets appeared on farm and quoted me £1.70 a dose And a free vet...
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    Large field mushrooms

    Can you legally sell wild field and horse mushrooms seem to have more than I can eat this year in our paddocks