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    Anyone have a price to hire a 500 cc Honda quad by the week ?

    As the title says, anyone knows whay a 500 cc Honda would cost by the week ?
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    Pick up hire

    Anyone have any idea what a pickup, eg hilux dual cab auto, 5 years old , would cost to hire weekly ???
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Any one got prices for in lamb ewes ?
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    Merlo tyres 405-70-24

    Thanks.... do you have current price for Mitas ?
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    Lambing mob size

    sorry to hear , later in lambing bigger lambs can be a prob for sure, ewes on turnips do look plenty fit..... Every year’s different...... good luck for this one ☝️
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    Merlo tyres 405-70-24

    thanks, not far from me, hadn’t thought of them.
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    Lambing mob size

    Mob size is not the issue, as others have said, we are lambing NZRomneys, 4 twins to the acre and 6 /7 singles seems ok without too much mismothering as they progress.. Definitely some fields batter than others. If the sun is shining and weather kind ..... if if if 🥵🥵
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    Farmland owners over the pond
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    Merlo tyres 405-70-24

    My venerable 40.7 has 10500 hrs on it, now on lightish duties but still essential tool with a house renovation about to start. The tyres are chuffed, anyone priced these lately ? Always got on well with Mitas. Alternatively anyone have a part worn st they would sell.
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    Excellent as ever from Harry Metcalf

    Harry Metcalf making some excellent points about grass based meat production.
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    After stubble turnip's

    Westerwolds based mix, grows like stink, cheap and reliable to establish, multiple grazings, responds well to N..... Tough to beat in this situation.......
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    150000 head feed it a factory farm ?
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    What Pick Up Truck...?

    Big mistake to buy a new manual truck, going to be hard to sell down the line..... so much nicer to drive and way better towing machine.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Local calf supplier / dealer regularly takes Bobby slaughter calves to a plant that takes the hind quarters off , marinades them in mint garlic etc..... stickes it on a spit that stands upright and bingo ........ 🤢🤢
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    What Pick Up Truck...?

    There’s a Ranger 3.2 local to me that’s done under 17k miles and keeps going into limp mode, has been plugged in at dealer and they can’t find stored fault code , driving the bloke mad.... thinks it’s an Adblue issue.

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