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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Randall Parker £4.90 next week up to 22 kg.... wish I could out the lot at that.
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    Ifor Williams 10 inch brake drum... any one got a spare ?

    no I hadn’t.... good thinking 🤔....thanks 👍
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    Ifor Williams 10 inch brake drum... any one got a spare ?

    I need a drum, 10 inch 5 stud , don’t need a hub and bearings as the new one is supplied. Anyone got one .... cash only 👍
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    IPad Air or Pro ?

    i bought an IPad Air, just couldn’t justify the Pro for the use I have, price difference went a long way to a new motorcycle helmet that I needed 😅. Very pleased so far. I bought from Apple store, supply seems to be an issue elsewhere. Took nearly 3 weeks to deliver.
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    Digger woe...JCB JS70

    We had a track drive unit new for about £1800 for a 7.5 Doosan last year, fitted it ourselves, pretty simple job.
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    Sprayer pump diaphragms

    Ring Central Crop Sprayers near Whitchurch, very helpful !
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    B & B pay rates

    Is the payment for the period there are pigs in the shed or for the cleaning period too? What’s the stocking rate on ave ? How are the pigs fed ? Self feed hoppers I guess ? Who owns them, filled with Telehandler I guess. Just starting to look at this as have 1200 sq m shed that might fit the job.
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    Rappa hurdles

    Rappa not answering phone, anyone know current price of 5 foot standard height hurdles with a long pin please ?
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    Looking for a Huntaway puppy

    I have a Huntaway that works when she is required but makes a fantastic house / yard dog. They are pretty smart and teachable..... at times 😂, but do need a hell of a lot of exercise. im not sure they are really suited to the urban life... but then I don’t live the urban life myself.
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    Best advice you never paid for...

    Never marry for money , but love where money is ! ..... should have taken more notice 😍 better be born lucky than smart ......
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    Romney’s mobbing up pre shearing, mid tier leys looking good so far

    must be mine, have two mobs of 250 ewes and their lambs , I’m no sheep dog handler ( trust me 🥵), but they will shift easily enough..... I have some ewe Hoggets to sell... very easy to move 😀
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    Romney’s mobbing up pre shearing, mid tier leys looking good so far

    Yes we are a little under stocked. Easy to move, Huntaway bitch and stand back !
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    Wild Trac auto, as above , long runs 30 ish, 28/29 running around, towing v low 20’s, not bad I think.
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    IPad Air or Pro ?

    I’ve had an iPad for about 8 years which has been fantastic, use it a lot, poss way too much ! The battery is about stuffed so time for a new one. Is the iPad Pro (11inch) worth the hefty premium over the iPad Air ? Main use is web , you tube, email usual stuff. Wonder if I might use iPad pen ...

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