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    Vaderstad roller

    Did you buy a set cow corn? Am thinking of buying a set myself so would be interested to hear your thoughts if you did? Wonder how they would work on a cloddy seedbed?
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    Vaderstad NZA 6m

    Wanted…Vaderstad NZA trailed 6m…please message me if you have one for sale. Many thanks.
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    Cousin Patriot

    Hi what hp did you have on the front please? Also any idea of age?
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    Juko/Farmhand Drill points

    Extremely long shot I realise...but don’t suppose anyone has any of these knocking about in the back of a shed somewhere please?! Thanks
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    Homemade tine drill pointers

    Hi sorry only just seen this - guess you have sold these/haven’t got any soare Juko points for sale?! Long shot I realise!
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    Hayflake low loader or similar

    Hi What length is it please? Does the trailer still work? What money are you looking for please? Thanks
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    Hayflake low loader or similar

    Did the hayflake sell? Thanks in advance
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    Wanted - low loader for moving 4m power harrow

    Wanted...low loader trailer for moving power harrow (4m non folding). Ideally something like hayflake but anything considered. Thanks