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    Discarded dog sh!t bags, solutions please?

    Good aim with a catapult
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    Low loader wheels.

    Went from twins to mini super singles and for us was the best move better in field wen moving bales don’t cart mud out between the tyres also the time you have twins inside one flat be ok with bales then gets forgotten about till u then track digger on then remember u should of repaired it
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    LED light radio interference

    Sparex do ferrite sleeve’s that should cut out the interference
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    Wanted Massey 36 or similar combine

    Gregsons machinery near Stafford got a 36 advertised just reduced the price as well
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    Bailey lowloader good bad

    Anybody running Bailey tandem axle lowloader any problems or the best on the market
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    K Two Duo Beater flails

    Yes reversible taken too using imperial half inch bolts bit stronger when the foreign objects appear don’t seem too lose tips now
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    Hydraulic folding flat rollers

    Looked at heva and Dalbo bought a Watson set last year brilliant just take a bit of fiddling to set the pressure on the centre one but then ur away
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    MF Cab Suspension

    No can't find them picture if that any use
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    MF Cab Suspension

    Done my 8480 replaced dampers with ones with springs round them easy job straight swap
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    changing combine

    Are you selling your tx 66 private ?
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    changing combine

    Out of interest what are you running at the moment ?
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    K P tractors Brigg

    Anybody deal with them ?