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    BBC,yet again !

    How big would the mountain of soya by product be if it were not consumed by agriculture? ... and what would happen to said mountain? Sent to landfill? Left to rot? Ultimately decomposing and producing how much of what gas...
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    Making Tax Digital

    I've got a free one its called quickfile. Not the greatest interface but does the job and works for me
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    Public Accounts Committee enquiry into ELMS

    6 o'clock the same day...? Just to avoid confusion... ;-)
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    electricity renewal

    No, you usually have to charge them up every couple of days!
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    electricity renewal

    Whats the justification for standing charge going up threefold? Surely its the gas they burn to generate that costs more, the generation gear and wires shouldn't cost that much more....
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    Will we never get it right - PR Disaster !!!!

    Has this trumped the Elms report from PAC on the news.... Sheeesh...!
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    Muck storage

    I was reading that everyone will be covered by catchment sensitive from next year... Did I get that right.
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    things that make you smile

    Public accounts committee report... Someone telling it how it is for a change!!
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    Muck storage

    Forgot to say - in east Midlands covered by Severn Trent
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    Muck storage

    I'm in a NVZ. I have no stock but take in muck from a number of the local horsey folks which I compost before spreading under our apple trees. I'm thinking of putting a concrete pad down with three bays to hold the muck whilst composting it. Are there any grants for this???
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    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    That's reason enough to avoid them....
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    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    The ability to pick up the phone and provide meaningful support should be universal! To be fair, I think that is available - it costs £50k+ but you do get a free tractor! If you have an older machine then you're on yer own.
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    BBC again

    Exactly the same here (east mids airport). Still got buzzards and kestrels but since the crows, jackdaws and magpies moved down the hill we don't have anything like the same number of finches, sparrows, t*ts, etc. Hey ho, at least we can get tat from China (that we dont need) delivered same...
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    Remember this next time the Scouts want a field for camping

    Got to hand it to the scouts for inadvertently promoting the dangers of letting opinionated, bigoted, middle class, middle aged adults loose on the internet with a polarizing topic to play with. I'm not sure what the target audience (9 to 15 yr olds I think) are making of it. I can think...
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    Remember this next time the Scouts want a field for camping

    Definitely worth a look at the FB page, not seen bickering so funny in ages!!