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    Today at work

    Some recent work pictures
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    Yet another mass shooting in the USA

    Usa is a country were you can buy military grade weapons its insanity being able to do that, citizens should use military weapons or be able to buy them full stop
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    The war in Ukraine...

    Out of interest if anyone knows do the rules of engagement still apply in war for soliders in both sides .?
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    Today at work

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    Today at work

    Some of my work recently
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    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    Tom Pemberton is very clever gets lots of hits on his YouTube
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    one for the MF die hards

    Very popular model 390'
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    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    Hope funky farmer will be ok
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    Lamma Pictures Thread

    Nice concrete wagon there 😎😎
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    I took government advice about how infectious this virus was towards people and yet the government were taking us for fools regarding social distancing and lockdown being enforced!
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    It hacks me off what these mps did during lockdown I gave up my social life and didn't see friends to try and stay safe from the virus, government were keen to dish out advice but did there own thing 😠😠
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    Starmer should have known better he has prosecuted people for breaking the law
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    Election day

    I voted for an independent candidate
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    New Fastrac Cab

    Great from olly blogs there 😎😎