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    Accurate concrete groove

    You're in the groove :)
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    Nut / bolt / washer selection box

    that's fair enough then (y)
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    How Old Are Your Trailer Tyres?

    on a more serious note, who's bought 185/60r12C 104 / 101N tyres lately - where from and what make? our little LT85 could do with re-shodding, just the tyres by carrier would do HK
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    How Old Are Your Trailer Tyres?

    We had to replace ours after 4 .......:eek::love::censored:
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    Nut / bolt / washer selection box

    no one's mentioned Grade - i.e. no one's mentioned quality!!! but, as @B R C 's link says, Orbital fasteners will be DIN 933 Grade 8.8 so that's the route (or similar) to go bulk packs from Wickes, Screwfix and the like won't be in my workshop.... HK
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    Log splitter options

    Are these CE marked now? HK
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    Protecting your mouldboards from winter rust?

    +1 for Shell Ensis
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    Dead horse in stable/ Rat in wall floor space

    I think put some poison in, perhaps where there is a cavity or some other gap close to where the noises are. I agree that 4 or 5 days smell even if near a heating pipe is often simpler than digging. You'll soon know if the bait starts to diminish
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    Food in the fifties

    School dinner liver, now there's a biology lesson. Even then, not many chose it. Me, anything like that was no problem and good nourishment even if one day as it was ladled out, I swear the veins around the liver were hiding the gall bladder... How things have changed
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    Applying for a Firearms Licence.

    i appreciate we all like a change of topic from what pickup should I buy - or isn't the weather too wet / dry etc But.... why are we even bothering to debate or to give any oxygen to this thread? Mods?
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    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    and when you get to Town, past the empty or re-wilded fields, if Deliveroo and Just Eat aren't delivering to your address, make sure you stock up with ready-meals and a take away or two for the freezer...... How the hell have we got to this.......
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    Solar and Estate Planning

    This is an obvious minefield trying to plan ahead as you wish. We're not big enough to attract the major players but it strikes me that the way Government operates, and particularly this Government, that the winds of change can blow mighty quickly. Already despite the 'dire warnings' we are...
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    0 not O and too not two :whistle:
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    0 2 (y)
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    The new Range Rover…😍

    No it isn't, I saw my neighbour come home from the City tonight and he's still driving his turquoise 911? Perhaps his wife's Cayenne is going? Anyway how do you know him? Do you live near us? :scratchhead: