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    Wages for employee

    You get roughly one hours holiday pay for every twelve hours worked, any overtime is included in pay, and your are paid the holiday pay rate for those hours. If you work for an agency or are on a zero hours contract they can role up your holiday pay, but its usually listed as a separate amount...
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    Cows on my land

    I would try the forum The Accidental Smallholder, they have basic guides for keeping animals, They have information about stocking rates on small amounts of land.
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    Cows on my land

    I think you are talking about a CPH number, You do not have to own the land to have a CPH, and you would need your own if you had sheep, you just ring up to get one, and get a flock number. If you rent other land you would need...
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    Bungalow refurbishment

    We have done up a lot of houses and I think before you start anything look at the floor plan, and perhaps go and have a look at some new builds, to look at styles and what people are looking for. People are impressed by bathrooms and kitchens, and if you are not going to live in it working out...
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    Mare and foal from mid wales ,back to briston norfolk

    I have used this man a couple of times, he goes to Wales a lot and is based in Norfolk, Any of the transporters that do regular runs to Newmarket should give you a good price if its on their run, its the stud season so they will be moving stock...
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    Haylage 101

    I would always look at the competition, what are they selling, and what are they getting for it. The medium bales are popular because you can still handle them by manpower, but they can go on a pallet. Most of the specialist horse...
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    Prince Philip RIP

    My favourite bit was the Landy, with the music and the massed bands, then the purr of the engine when the music stopped. When you see old pictures of the him and the Queen at Balmoral, and foreign tours, a Landrover was often there, so it must have evoked a lot of memories for all the family...
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    Covid jab

    When you meet people who have had covid, and I have met a lot, most will say they would never wish it on anyone, my daughter has had it, and although she is back at work she still has symptoms. I worry that they are just the symptoms we see, if are not admitted to hospital you are not going to...
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    Covid jab

    Do you really believe this? Yep, as you get older you tend to get more things wrong with you, and you have to die from something, but what about all the people who were not so old, out working who caught covid, either ended up seriously ill perhaps died, or if they didn't die now have long term...
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    Sewerage dumped in rivers

    Perhaps the solution is to have community water treatment tanks, so the water that is discharged in to the drains is pretreated. Our local travellers site has one which must serve twenty homes, there would then be some sort of responsibility and service charge for what you put down in the...
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    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    Main thing I think is overconfidence, and even if they read the instructions, it doesn't apply to them, ' I have been doing this for years, but I have never had an accident', and the need to save money and make do with what equipment or not you have, or not ask for an extra pair of hands. I used...
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    Boat Race, Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire

    We are literally on the edge of the fen, its clay, more clay then, rock, our house foundations are 4m concrete. There is a hill in the way or we could see the cathedral. My neighbour plays the in the Littleport band, I can hear her practising the lands so flat and there is a 14 acre field...
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    Grass Keep

    I think you graze it bare as you can for as long as you can, no saving the land for later. The horse people will then have to feed more, and while your doing it make a plan B. I have some rubbish grass for grazing over the summer that I pay nothing for, I can not get the landowners to let anyone...
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    Native breeds photographs

    Red poll cows, with Lincoln Red X calves. Very quiet cows, calved outside September. The calves are growing really well, I thought they were a bit short, but actually they have a very deep body and the LR stocky legs. Both cows had lots of milk and one fed twins easily. The LR was a young bull I...
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    Husband and wife employed on farm what to do with kids.

    It is the boss's problem, thats why he is suddenly become aware of the legal implications. If part of the contract has become 'flexible working around the children', through work patterns, he has allowed that to happen, it's not their fault. Like I say they need legal advice