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    New jacket for winter, ridgeline again??.

    I bought a kaiwaka storm jacket, bib and braces at the start of autumn last year. Honestly at the time though they were a waste of money as we had no 'real' weather to test them. Now I have had them a year, what a great buy. After a wet winter and wet lambing they were well worth the money. If...
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    Are you all depressed ?

    Exact same place, have a flexible man. On his own the work rate is reduced. When we work together unreal what we can turn out. Have him 3 years but I can't do without him, it's a real rock and a hard place.
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    Jamie Oliver Backs Farmers

    Won't bother me, I don't uses his recipes.
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    New toy day

    It looks brand new as well.
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    Ram costs

    Sold two rams last week that were easily 8 years old. They were key in producing the majority of my flocks breeding. Got £178 for one a £167 for the other, I nearly fell off the chair. I thought if I got 50 quid for them I'd be doing particularly well.
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    Has it started again ?

    We havnt had 2 dry days in a row since the first week in Sept. Neighbours still have quite a few acres of beans to cut. None of our spring stuff is baled.
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    Retractable air line reel and electric extension cable

    Got a sykes pickavant one, bought it because the guys keep nipping the normal ones when they're on the guessed it nipped it after about 2 weeks they didn't retract it.
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    Farm Assurance - again

    Finally took the jump. I have decided not to renew my FQA. After a quick chat with someone in their office, they agreed that it probably wasn't worth my while if I'm only selling a couple hundred lambs every year. I did suggest that I would be willing to pay half the sub but that fell on deaf...
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    I would possibly have the deposit gathered up after 18months 😂. What would a 12ft tri axle, sheep decker be...9 bar?
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    Thats tidy. Anyone know how long a wait there is with them for trailers atm?
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    The positive thread

    I have had big year of bitter sweet happenings and I am absolutely buzzing. I'm so thankful for all that I have and feeling great, and looking forward to see what the future holds
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    hose crimping machine

    I've been looking at those hose machines on aliababa as well. I wonder what the line borers are like, something no one round here does anymore.
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    Shooting Foxhounds.

    I took one to the vet to get put down, never again.... the old girl knew. I've put a few dogs down in my time. It's a thing that stays with me a day or two afterwards, but I always make sure they never see it coming. There's nothing like a dog to break your heart.
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    21st Century Masstock?

    From my experience namibia is mostly large scale livestock farming maybe not animal numbers but expansive. One of the places I was staying was 80,000 hectares but only had 1000 cattle 7000 sheep which is still pretty impressive. I don't actually remember seeing any cereal crops being grown, they...
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    21st Century Masstock?

    Where are you flying into? I lived in Namibia for 2 years