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    To pull rams or leave them in?

    We do similar, tups have 2 cycles in forst bunch then pull them out. Throw some rams back in just to sweep up when the main bunch is tupped
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    Whitley Hey and Tercrosset sale rams

    We’ve been buying rams direct from farm the past couple of years on the back of some very good recommendations. Excellent quality of stock and not pushed as you might think. Went to his open day 3 weeks ago and have to say i was very impressed with what he’s doing/ achieving. would definitely...
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    Be careful out there!

    He’s one lucky chap to walk away from that
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    How much to change JD 6820 mudgaurd pto switch?

    Who’s your dealer? That’s a ridiculous amount for a 10 minute job
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    What % do cull cows kill out at?

    0 grade I’ll say
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    What % do cull cows kill out at?

    What do plain native x dairy cows kill out at? (AAx or HFDx)??
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    Lame steers advice

    Follow one and where it puts the lame foot on the floor dig that piece of turf out with a spade and hang it upside down on the hedge! Apparently it works and the old boys swear by it, however im not convinced myself lol!
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    Really puzzled....

    First problem you’ll have is her existing calf will have had all the colostrum
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    Combine insurance

    Id be looking elsewhere for some cover, if they dont want your business someone else definitely will.
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    Grazing available for approx 100 ewe hoggs

    What area are you? Im after winter grazing for 300 ewes
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    Bull not jumping

    A wise man once told me “You’ll never see a good bull work” and I’ll say he’s right because i never saw one of our bulls work the whole time he was alive
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    Stillborn calves

    Get the vet to do some bloods
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    Silage costs

    £6 for decent quality stuff £2-£3 for poor quality stuff
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    Heifer acting strangely.

    She’s just being boisterous and playful, she wont mean to hurt you but a blow from a swinging head can give u one hell of a dead leg
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    Too late to roll silage fields

    Unless u plan to cut in next 14 days I’d happily roll it,