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    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    One thing is the kuhn's can be fussy with netwrap (more so for not starting). We use exclusively rondatex which is recommended in the book and works a treat. We put 2.5x layers on just to be sure and that helps keep them a bit tighter.
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    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Some from today (brother baling not me) with some well wilted, second cut (no fert). Not perfect, but more than happy with them.
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    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Personally love our kuhn 2160 variable chamber, 2014 model done ~17,000 bales. I'll admit I've never used a mchale so can't comment entirely on what their like but have observed a few things looking under the sides. Firstly IMO the kuhn is a far simpler baler mechanically. Looking under the...
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    Mconnell shakerator

    Hi Yelrom, One thing that might be worth a look at is Plowman brothers omni-lift. They use the very low disturbance metcalfe NG leg which has numerous wing options depending on the amount of lift you want. The point and shin designs are great for reducing surface soil movement and bursting at...
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    Would you do it?

    I'd like to think not but things aren't as black and white as that in structural engineering. I'd be very cautious as I'm a young and unexperienced engineer relatively compared to my colleagues who've been at it for 20-40 years. Their the ones who make the calls of reasonable judgement when...
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    Would you do it?

    In the nicest way this is a very misinformed view of how the margin for safety is built into structural design and imposed restrictions. I am a semi qualified structural engineer (structural engineering masters degree, half way to chartership) and have some bridge design experience, though...
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    Would you do it?

    Honestly the best place for that behavior is a day in court, hopefully with a large fine and plenty of points. Its completely reckless, the driver should know he's nearer double that limit than just a little over and if he doesn't he or the person instructing him to use that route shouldn't be...
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    Steel Supply and Prices

    If my understanding is correct some of the shortage issues in the West are due to China buying up large quantities of scrap steel as they gear up for a big infrastructure building program to reboot their economy due to their "slump" to 6% growth pre covid and as part of the covid economic...
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    Telescopic gate

    Should be fine to make it slide if you make it out of big enough steel. 16ft isn't a huge gate and should be able to make a telescopic portion. The bigger the steel you use i.e 70mm for the inner and the outer the less play there will be in it. I'd recommend making the gate 10ft with the...
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    New toy day

    What make is it?
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    Weight of concrete for weight box

    Some useful numbers used all the time in structural calculations for densities: Unreinforced concrete 2.4t/m3 (no rebar so more like what will go in a weight block) Reinforced 2.5t/m3 Steel 7.85t/m3 (3x heavier than concrete, so smaller volume for same weight)
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    Low disturbance sub soiler

    That'll probably be the metcalfe NG leg which they can be converted to. We have just got an omni til that has them on and honestly can't rate them highly enough. Lower power requirement great lift and depending on configuration very low disturbance. Plowman's can provide the legs as replacements...
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    No covid money for suckler farmer s

    Not all business got support handed out and it certainly wasn't a fair but there's nothing you can do about it. In my opinion farming got off quite light as an industry (not to say individual circumstances didn't differ wildly). To put it onto some context I work for a large consulting...
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    New toy day

    Bought it from Jim, great to deal with!
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    New toy day

    Gone surprisingly well to say its still quite damp underneath. I was worried being heavy clay it would just smear through and cut a slot but it was fissuring as it went through the legs. Based on the foot of the yorkshire wolds so we're normally quite late to start drilling after the ground has...