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    Problem with vacuum tanker

    Easy job, have you flushed the pump out with diesel sometimes valves stick in the grooves used to put 10 litres through.
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    Kramer 312 sl hydraulic drive circuit bleeding...

    If it won't move you will more than likely be buying something off him.
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    Kramer 312 sl hydraulic drive circuit bleeding...

    As has been said many times Kevin Walker Plant is the man to speak to.
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    BASIS / NROSO CPD Points

    TFF points are on in a few days just looked on NORoSO and I have a point for a wild oat test that I cannot remember doing. Why are some on in a few days and others are taking months?
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    Cleaning out a ditch - implications for Cross Compliance

    Would it be possible for them to put the spoil on their field?
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    Stainless steel sprayer tanks

    Horsch sprayers do both.
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    Best no rotting timber

    But its for her ladyship.
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    Best no rotting timber

    Accoya wood 50 year life if cost is not an issue. Might cost more than the greenhouse.
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    Poly N Plus

    Thought it was more of a top up to conventional nitrogen?
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    Poly N Plus

    Do Agro-Vital deal direct or through merchant?
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    Poly N Plus

    Who else is selling this product?
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    Horsch leeb lt vs Kv Ixtrack T4 vs Amazone ux

    You already know which sprayer is best, to say its 10 percent ahead if you add up the cost of products used a season and how many years you intend to keep the machine 10 percent is insignificant to have the better one.
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    Shed build

    Be full of stock before you know it, how many do you expect to keep in there?
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    Shed build

    Looked like roof sheets going on today more pictures please
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    Valtra v John Deere

    1995 8550 valmet beast of a tractor back end was made of chocolate.