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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    Ian Carrick
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    Ivermectin , covid cure
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    Is a lumpy bag a reason to Cull?

    That was back in March. Anything the felt wrong or even looked at me wrong was culled this year, no exceptions from now on
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    Is a lumpy bag a reason to Cull?

    same here, Sparkles in my profile pic!! One year blind one teat, " we'll keep her at least she can rear one" next year blind both teats and had triplets, sold as pet lambs " we'll keep her as shes paid her keep from pet lamb sale, and make sure she doesn't see the tup again." She was like @Gator...
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    Lameness in Lambs

    Give them Zactran or Draxin, one injection will sort them in a few days. Might be expensive but only a small does needed and one treatment so saver in the long run.
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    Zero grazing.

    Refer to my previous post !!!🤭 I did tell ya you’d need a spare on standby 😂
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    Milk collection Galway

    Why does everyone think there is a pot of gold under a cows udder!!!, I watch from the outside at my father continuously chasing his tail after milk cows, It's a 7 day a week 20+ hour/day money pit !. If you cant make money from Beef at the moment you wont make any from milk. Go work on a dairy...
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    Who's been a naughty boy then

    You should try getting one and see how you get on, My wife has had to get both done and has only just turned 40! Yes the hip joint might be new but the pain doesn't just disappear, just a lot less than it was previously, plus if they need a hip most likely the Knees are the next thing needing...
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    Zero grazing.

    the mower has too much weight on the bottom saucers of mower, it eats bearings for fun, we actually had a spare set of saucers and bearing on standby it was that bad!!, Basically the drums are too big, it might work on perfect flat football fields but the saucers are that big any undulation in...
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    Zero grazing.

    Good Luck!, you'll need it all !!
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    Workers wanting more than Managers

    We had a Polish guy here that was the same, started of doing 2 milkings, after three weeks turned up for morning milking as he was awake anyway, it wasn't work, it was living life for him, he used to whistle all the time while scraping the cubicles, I stood back one day and said to my Dad, "...
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    Philosophy and deep thinking

    Not to go off topic but seen the title of the thread and this came to mind ………………. I mowed the lawn today, and after doing so I sat down and had a cold beer. The day was really quite beautiful, and the drink facilitated some deep thinking. My wife walked by and asked me what I was doing, and...
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    I think the best bit is the responses are just so natural, and you know they're definitely unscripted, It'll not be the last we see of him on TV. A naturally funny guy
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    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    some fecker donated 50 the other night into a field we had just mowed, must have thought we need them to cover the extra Bulk!